Feeling Good and Spirits Are Up!

Hi everyone. This is Kristin. I am happy to report that I am feeling MUCH better today, after about 16 hours of sleep last night. And not just me... but everyone is feeling good! The nausea that some of the team was dealing with has passed, and the rest of the people on the "sick list" have been downgraded to a mild cold. It was a blessing in disguise to get a great sleep last night. And we are very thankful to Shallisse for taking amazing care of us, administering cold meds like it's her day job, and checking in with each student individually several times a day to make sure nothing is getting worse. It's because of her efforts that this cold has not gotten worse... thanks Mama Shal! Right now I am with half of the team in Calgary. We are meeting up with the rest of the team in Winnipeg tonight. We expect to get a hotel (on Westjet's dime) tonight, and get up early tomorrow to come HOME to all of you!!! As of right now our flights times are the same, and we expect to arrive home tomorrow morning on Westjet from Winnipeg just after 9:30am. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support! We have felt it very strongly, and are so thankful for all of you. We were just counting things up on this trip, and by the time we get home will have taken 11 flights and visited 13 cities together. A Project Serve record! It's actually kind of fun. The kids have had an incredibly amazing attitude with all of these last minute changes. Be proud of them! We will be in touch if there are any more changes. 



Kristin and the girls (the boys will meet us in Winnipeg!!)  

Travel Update

Wow!  So the flight situation here in Vancouver is really messed up because of weather. Westjet tried their best to connect us home, but with 24 souls to rebook it was very difficult. So we have a new flight plan, but the news isn't that great. 

The only option to get all of us home was to direct us through Winnipeg tomorrow night, getting us in to Saskatoon Wednesday morning at 9:48am. 

This was the best that WestJet could do. They tried looking at ways to reroute us through every major city in Canada, but there was just no availability of seats. Obviously, this was not our original plan, but we are trying to stay positive and keep the student's spirits up. WestJet has been very generous, and are providing each of us with over $30 of food vouchers, and hotel rooms tonight at the Travelodge. Half of the team will leave tomorrow night at 5 PM, going to Winnipeg via Calgary. The other half of the team will leave at 7 PM, flying directly to Winnipeg. The two groups will meet up in Winnipeg around the same time, close to midnight. WestJet is providing additional food vouchers and hotel in Winnipeg tomorrow night as well. Our flight from Winnipeg leave at 8 o'clock in the morning. Praise God they were able to get all of us on the same flight from Winnipeg to Saskatoon.

So we are flying on WestJet flight number 3275, arriving in Saskatoon at 9:48 AM  

Thanks for your prayers as we deal with this unexpected hiccup. I will tell you that the general mood of the students is up, and everyone is approaching the situation with positive attitudes and energy. These are some amazing students, God is giving us what we need.  Pray that we can have an amazing rest at the hotel tomorrow, so we are reenergized for a final leg of our long journey home. 


Travel Update

We just arrived in Vancouver and are waiting on info regarding our luggage. Our flight to Calgary is delayed until 9:30pm PT, so barring any other issues we should be able to make that flight. However, it will put us into Calgary three hours later than expected, so it is unlikely that we will make a flight home tonight, unless they hold our flight out of Calgary. We will know more after talking with the WestJet folks. A night in Calgary for the team is looking like a very strong possibility. Stay tuned and keep praying for health and strength. 

Please Pray

Hey this is Corwin giving you an update on our team's journey home.  We are currently waiting at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.  Our flight to Vancouver is delayed by two hours (updated).  We only have a two hour layover in Vancouver, but we are hopeful that they will hold our flight so we can still get through customs and make our Calgary connection.  Stay tuned as we will update you when we know more.

As well, we are asking for prayer as we have many team members who are feeling sick.  We have some dealing with colds, others with coughs, and some with stomach pains and nausea.  Please pray for our co-leader Kristin who is feeling very sick with stomach issues.  As well, we need prayer for Hannah, Maxton, Kiera, Mikayla, Avery, Talia, Payten, Scott and Willow.  And please pray for me, for extra strength, energy and wisdom as I lead and try to bring everyone home to their families.  Thanks!




Hi everyone. I just wanted to send a little message to let you know how debrief is going. We are having a great time here in California (where it feels freezing cold... bad sign, right?). We have finished 3 out of 4 of our sessions with Omar, and will officially wrap up our debrief time tonight. It has been a good time of reflection, learning and prayer. Omar has walked us through some very good tips and guidelines on how to come home and what to expect. It won't make our re entry back into Saskatoo easy, but it will make it much more manageable and less scary.  

I wanted to ask for prayer for health. Currently 7 of the girls (8 including me) are in the beginning stages of a bad cold that we piked up from the babies at the King's Home. They had a nasty cold floating around their little nursery, and even though we tried so hard to keep our hands washed and stay germ free, I'm sure we picked it up from them. Shallisse is doing an awesome job of handing out cold meds, and making sure everyone gets rested up. Please pray for a great rest tonight, and quick healing from this cold. That it doesn't get any worse. 

Pray also for our last night of debrief. That we can soak in our last moments together and gain everything we can from the time we have left. 

Thanks so much everyone!  


If You Build It, They Will Come


Well, here it is. The moment where I have to describe our last moments in Belize. Try and sum up everything that happened on our last day. Where to begin? I'm on the plane right now, on our last flight of the day landing in LAX to start out debrief weekend. We're all sitting together and looking at some of Corwin's pictures from our first day of construction. It was only a week ago, but it was impossible for all of us to remember exactly what the "basketball court" looked like when we pulled up. It was a patch of grass and some cinderblocks in piles. Last night our team and our kids at KCH all stood at centre court and had a time of dedication and prayer for the project we had accomplished. It was my greatest joy to watch the older boys come home and see what was waiting for them. A HUGE and professional court for them to play on for hours every day. Until yesterday they have been playing a make shift game of baseball with a piece of 2 by 4 and some garbage as a ball. That was the only after school activity that was available to them. This morning I talked with miss Leonie, and she told me that those boys were up at the crack of dawn to get a few basketball games in before school.

Taking all of this in yesterday was SO MUCH FUN for our team. There were many (many) moments when we didn't think this goal would be a reality. We wanted to leave having played a game on the court with the KCH boys, and yesterday we did. We stood around and watched Kaden, Scott, Adrien, and Terry take on four of the local boys from the home in a seriously intense game. We cheered, laughed, shouted, teared up, laughed some more. There was so much joy. The sun was setting. There were beautiful moments happening everywhere. Just.... perfect.  With the game all tied up, and each country's national pride on the line, it all came down to one more basket to win it all.  It was like our own little Belizean Olympics!  Who would win?  Who would score the final elusive point?  Watch this amazing clip and find out!

You may have noticed in the pictures that the boys were playing with a very old looking net. Our brand new professional basketball systems have arrived at the home, and are ready for instillation. They did not quite arrive in time to install into the cement footers and have it all set properly, so for yesterdays game Mr. Stanley (the foreman) went to the old home and brought the old hoop for us to play on. I almost even liked it better that way. The new nets are going to be amazing for the kids. They'll go up next week, and the boys will be beside themselves with excitement. But for yesterday it was pretty cool and symbolic to have a piece of the old home represented and used in such a fun way. Combining the old with the new. During our team debrief last night, Mikayla talked about a moment when she was on the court, and they had just let all the kids out of the yard to come and check it out. She saw them all running towards her, laughing and smiling. It reminded her of the scene from the movie "Field of Dreams", if you build it... they will come. We left Belize today knowing that we were a part of something that will last. Something much needed that will be very well taken care of. It was just such a blessing. Such a God moment. It felt like we were all in the same family.

After the basketball festivities ended, we headed back inside for a little more quality time with our friends before we had to say goodbye. There is never enough time. One last hug turns into 20 last hugs. We're faced with cute little faces looking up at us saying "will you come back?", when most of us have to answer... I don't know. These moments are tough and real. These lessons we've learned are tangible. These relationships we've made have changed us. These emotions run very deep. Saying goodbye at KCH is not easy, never easy. Not for us, not for the kids. But what I saw when we left yesterday was so many kids who felt genuinely loved, respected, cared for while we were there. These kids have an awesome woman who has stepped in as a mom to them. They have some incredible volunteers who are working tirelessly to keep their lives running smoothly. And now they have a whole new batch of Canadian friends. Spending time with them is an honour. Truly. Sharing life with them will never leave you the same. They are so innocent and naive to  all they teach to those around them. We will always be thankful for the 10 days they allowed us to share with them. 

Be praying for us this weekend. We have arrived safe and sound in California, and tomorrow morning begins our official debrief weekend. There are lots of thoughts and emotions rolling around in our heads, and our good friend Omar has flown in to help us sort them all out.  

For now I leave you with a simple thank you. We had a private time of prayer and worship on the court last night as the kids were eating supper. We were reminded that though we came with the intent and determination to serve and be a blessing, we have left with so much more than we have given. This trip was made real because of you, our supporters and family. And thank you doesn't cover how we really feel.  

I will keep you updated on how our debrief weekend is going... until then.  

Freezing cold in California, 

Kristin and the team

Our Final Day - part one

Hey everyone, Corwin here.  We are physically and emotionally drained, and while we would love to regail you all with the epic events of our final day, we just don't have the energy in this moment.  Forgive us.  But please stay tuned for full details in the coming day.  A reminder that we begin our journey home tomorrow (Friday), please pray for safety as we go.

In the meantime, please enjoy those photos...a small window into our final day!



do you recognize any of these hands?


And the crying begins . . .

Hello faithful readers! We have truly been taking advantage of every second of our time here in Belize, and have been crazy busy for the last couple of days. Yesterday it seems like we did about 100 things. Trying to fit in every experience we can. We started off with breakfast at the local market. . .eggs, beans, fry jacks, and fresh squeezed juice... YUM! We then had a chance to go and visit the old King's Children's Home. I think we were expecting to stop by for a quick tour, gain some perspective on where the kids have just come from, and carry on with our day. We arrived and entered into a very different situation. I was expecting to feel quite emotional. That home is where I watched the kids grow up. So many awesome memories inside those walls. I was expecting the team to be quite shocked at the size of the home, but I was curious to see their reactions beyond that.

As we got off the bus and walked into the home our team walked around in complete silence. We moved from room to room, just looking, sitting, marveling. Before the KCH kids moved out they wrote many messages on the walls of their old home. And some signed their name to show they were there. The team just moved from room to room, each individually finding spots to sit and read and reflect. There were two things that were very obvious to all of us. The old home was way way WAY to small. And even though the kids have just moved on to a far better place, they still loved that old tiny house so much. There were messages of love and thanks written all over the walls. Many of the team were very emotional taking it all in. We spent about 45 min. just quietly walking around and crying. I could tell that even though most of the team had never been to that home before, they knew how special it was. It was a safe place for kids to go who had no where else. It was a home with a mom who loved them and was willing to look after them. It was run down, and so small. It was not good enough for them. But it was home.

We ended our time as a team standing in the backyard on the old basketball court. A broken cement slab that's about 10 feet by 15 feet. We held hands and cried and prayed... so thankful to God for all He had done for those kids, and all of the amazing things He has gifted them with in their new home. We stood back and look at their new home, noticing that in total it is about the size of the basketball court we are currently building. Wow. Perspective. It was an incredibly moving experience, and I am so glad we were able to reflect and celebrate both the old home and the new,  for all they have provided for some pretty awesome kids that we love. I think the attached picture says it all. 

The rest of the day included some souvenir shopping and a fantastic time at the Kids Club in Unitedville. The kids in that village are just SO FUN to be around! They love to play and play and play, and the team was more than happy to chase them around. 

Today we took the day off and headed to the Cayes for some snorkeling and island living. We swam with sharks and sting rayes! We got a little bit of sun. We drank milk shakes and laughed with each other a lot. Such a blessing to have some fun together today.  

Please be praying for us tomorrow. It is our last full day in Belize. We are heading to the Children's Home for our last work day and supper with the kids. Leaving them is always impossibly hard. The question "will you come back?" will be rinigng in our ears as we leave. There are 90 of them and 24 of us who are truly not looking forward to saying goodbye. 

Thanks in advance for the prayers you are saying, the good thoughts you are thinking, and the hugs you are imagining giving us soon.  

With love,

Kristin and the gang.  



Construction Day 3

Another long day in the sun today, and the court is starting to look like a court! When we pulled up last Thursday the court looked like a hole in the ground with some piles of cinder block laying in stratigically placed piles. And about a mile of sand to be shoveled. Today the court looks half poured.... pretty great I'd say!! As I've mentioned before, this has been a HUGE project. Much bigger than even the forman of the crew was anticipating. It feels less like pouring a cement pad, and more like building a giant house. But step by step we are getting there. Today we pulled into the Children's Home to see that after a long day of work yesterday, the rest of the sand had been shoveled and the whole court was leveled. The team started by tieing rebar and mixing cement for the local crew to dump with wheelbarrows. The team was seriously so amazing today. We are feeling much more comfortable in this climate, and have hit our groove with physical labor. Corwin organized 3 crews to switch out the cement mixing in 15 minute shifts so that nobody got too worn out. Some of the team would work a few shifts in a row (these kids have SERIOUS strength and energy), and everyone did a good job of looking out for eachother. We also had a shift who worked in the baby room and we got to look after those little munchkins all day. Perfect? Yes. (For those of you who have been here before, the baby room is twice the size of the old livingroom. Just for the babies.... imagine!). 

After work we stayed for devotions and supper, again a totally different experience than it used to be. The kids were so happy to have us around, and I could see very clearly the strong bonds and friendships that have formed between our team and these little people. I think the idea of coming home started to creep in today, as I mentioned this morning that today would be our second last day at the home. Just the thought of all of this ending seemed pretty foreign to everyone.  

Some prayer requests for tonight:

-we as leaders have sensed some kids struggling today. Not with the physical labor or any one thing specifically, but just in processing the trip, things from back home, the idea of coming home next week. It may be difficult to understand, but we have come to recognize that this trip is actually more of spiritual exercise than a physical one, and we need prayers for spiritual protection and strength as our team deals with all of these complicated emotions and thoughts.  

-Aimee dealt with some heat stroke mixed with a bad migrain tonight. Please pray that she will be restored to full health tomorrow.

-Praise that everyone else is feeling good and strong. Pray that we will have an awesome day at the kids club tomorrow.  

Keep scrolling down to read a post about Sunday Funday! Thank you SO much for all of your support, prayers, comments, and love! You are a part of us. 

Love Kristin and the team

Sunday Funday

Well... another annual Sunday Funday has come and gone and truly lived up to it's name. All of the kids and some staff from the Children's Home showed up at the YWAM base yesterday morning at about 10:00 am (about 100 of them), and the festivities began! I could call it organized chaos, but it's really more like just chaotic chaos. Sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes, toy cars, baseballs, 100 soccer games, so much tag, sidewalk chalk again and kids EVERYWHERE! It was awesome! The kids at the home generally live within a pretty structured schedule, so it's a real treat for them to be able to come and hang out with us for a day and just run and run and run with no real structure or plan (see? chaos). We didn't have a program, or a craft. These kids get that kind of thing all the time with teams. We just asked them what they wanted to do... and then chased them around while they did that. We feasted on a fantastic lunch of fried chicken and nachos and cheese (special thanks to my friend Shenny for cooking!), and then after waiting for a looooong year we finally started up the slip and slide!

These kids LOVE a slip and slide. I don't think they've ever experienced one before we started hosting them at YWAM. And they can never remember what to call it. The slip and run. The swim and slide. All they know is that they LOVE it. We had a 75 foot long tarp (the longest one ever!), and a whole bunch of no tears shampoo. We hosed them down, soaped them up and off they went. It always starts off in a somewhat organized line. The kids generally take turns. The older boys try and set a record for how far they can slide. And after about an hour and a half there is one moment where everyone suddenly knows that it's time to charge the slip and slide, and every kid ends up on the tarp in a big soapy pile. It's quite a scene. We only had one minor casualty, little Moses got a bit of a shiner (sorry buddy!), and everyone left at about 3:00 very happy and smelling deliscious! Our team was SO tired. It was a hot day with lots of running, piggy back rides, endless soccer. The team really went for it, and gave the kids every ounce of energy they had. We took a much needed break for a couple of hours before heading to church last night in Roaring Creek. Sunday FUNday.... check!! 

Some Guest Bloggers

Good evening everyone (or Goodnight, as they say in Belize!). Tonight I thought you might enjoy hearing from some of the team members. Here are some guest bloggers with their thoughts on the trip so far.....



Hey everyone! First off, hello to my amazing friends and family, I love and miss you all. We are having a wonderful time here in Belize and I just wanted to give a quick update on what God has ben teaching me so far! It has been super great to return to Belize this year again on Project Serve with such an amazing group of kind and caring people. God has really shown me how love is show in many different ways. Whether that be by encouraging words while hauling sand, protective warnings to put on sunscreen or drink water, having a friend care for you when you are sick, or by the boys always saying "Ladies first" before we go and get each meal.  God's love is so great and widespread and I can see that here everyday on the faces of the joyful children at the home. Having a child fall asleep in your arms is a feeling only God can bless me with. God is so awesome and good and I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to serve Him in this beautiful country.  I have of course been fully enjoying all the foods and drinks that I had to wait all year to have again and am having a blast taking it all in. I am so honoured to serve beside such an amazing group of people and to laugh with them constantly. I am thinking of all of you at home and can't wait to see you all and tell you more about my time here. I love you all and appreciate all the prayers being sent our way!


Hey Supporters! Were having an amazing time in Belize. Everything here is so unreal. The weather has been perfect temperature for us so far. Being able to serve God physically, has been tough but its also been a gift. All the Physical exhaustion brings us together more and more as a team and we continually encourage each other in every way we can. The kids at the kids home are so full of energy and love to hangout with us. After a long day of work, its energizing to walk through the gate and see their bright faces. Its a blessing to be serving in such a beautiful country. Its surreal to sit and do devo's in the morning, while staring, straight at the Jungle. This morning we saw a family of monkeys and it was a sweet reminder of how powerful God is and how he created everything on the planet for a reason. God is teaching us some great things down here in Belize. Before I go, I just want to say Hey Mom, Dad and Alex, I love and Miss you guys. And I hope everything's going well where you are. Thank you everyone for your Support and Prayer throughout this experience. We're all excited to come home and share all of our stories with you guys! 


Hey everybody! The team is having a great time together here. It's been super sweet to see this team grow together especially over these last few days in Belize. God has been so good to us. The weather has been beautiful and scenery here is absolutely stunning. Even though this is my second time back this country has once again blown me away with its beauty and just everything about it. This years project has been very physically intense and God has really shown me how he can sustain me through exhausting work days. God has given me the ability to push down that wall you hit when you're tired and has really helped me know when I actually need to break, and when it's something you can push through. While everybody is sore, I think God has used this to grow us together by caring for each other's needs. God has also reminded me through the children here that His love goes worldwide. Their energy and unconditional love is so rejuvenating for this entire team even after a tiring day working. For my family and friends, I love you guys and I'm missing you all! Thanks everyone for all your support and prayers to the team! 

Ps. Happy birthday Kevin Crittenden from myself `and Kaden


Here are some pics from our excursion to the Mayan ruins. 



The cast for the next season of Survivor!

We're Feeling Great!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a quick note and let you know that everyone is feeling great today! All our heat exhaustion has passed, and everyone is feeling good. Thanks so much for praying. And THANKS for all of your awesome comments! They have been a very welcome addition to meal times. Nicole and Payten were ready to share the embarrassing nickname spotlight for a while. Thanks so much for all of your comments and support. It is seriously so encouraging to hear from you. We have been at the base all morning planning for our Children's Ministry. Soon we are off the the Ruins! 

One cool thing from this morning... we got to see an entire family of howler monkeys up close! They were on the first tree right beside the bridge. There was a teeny baby monkey just jumping around from tree to tree. Unreal! That's a Project Serve first. We usually hear these monkeys at night (they sound like terrifying dinosaurs), but never get a chance to see them. 

Also... a shout out to Riley's Dad today. Happy Birthday to you!!!

Much love and many smiles,

Kristin and the team 

Building a Court Like It's Our Day Job


Hello all! So sorry for the lack of update last night. I had great intentions to head back to the dorm and blog, but made the classic mistake of laying down on my bed for "just a minute". Next thing I know it's 6:00am and time to get up. My bad! Let me fill you in on our jam packed first couple of days. 

Yesterday morning we headed out to the Children's Home with literally no idea what to expect. I (Kristin) have never even been to this home since they moved in, and could not even imagine what the day would hold. Would the work project be easy? Hard? Started already? Almost finished? Would there be enough work for all of us? Would we be able to keep up? We left the base knowing that whatever was in store, we were ready to serve. But WOW what a first day we had! We arrived at the Children's Home to find a huge piece of land that was all dug up, cinder blocks in piles, and piles of sand as far as the eye could see. There was already a crew hard at work, and many of our team members were jumping up and down with excitement ready to get in on the action. Creating this basketball court is a far bigger job than any of us anticipated (including the forman of the local crew). In order to pour the cement for the court, we have had to build up a strong foundation that will provide a level surface for the big pour on Monday. The ground is really uneven, so once side of the court is built up 3 cinderblocks high, and the other side is only one block high. Once the perimeter was finished, the entire thing needed to be filled with sand.

This has been the majority of what we've been doing. Moving A LOT of sand. We're moving it by hand, with buckets. Take a bucket to the court, throw it to one of the guys inside, they dump it out, throw it back empty, repeat. The ground in Belize is so much different than at home. Today I brought the luggage scale to see what the average bucket weighs. One bucket mostly full of sand weights 47 pounds. Most of the kids are carrying 2 buckets at a time over to the court. Back and forth, back and forth, with nearly a hundred pounds each time. And these kids are LOVING it. They are amazing! They have found strength and muscles that the didn't know they even had. When they think they can't take another step, they pray to God and somehow find the energy to keep going. They're singing and joking all day with each other. They have smiles on their faces. They feel so happy to be able to serve in this way. They're learning as they carry this sand. They pick up a new bucket of sand about once every 2 minutes, so the pounds being carried by each person is really adding up. It's amazing to see what we can accomplish when we feel very determined, and have the force of God and your support behind us! We worked until 5:00 yesterday (which was tricky, because the kids arrived home from school at 3:45 and just stood at the gate yelling for us to come and play).

When we were done with the last bucket (cheers from everyone), we headed inside to the new home to meet the kids and take a look around. This house is SO. NICE. It's so hard to even try and explain, or give proper context to the team here. The difference between their old home and new home is unbelievable. It's like they live in Disneyland now. I could not wrap my head around it. All night I felt like we were all on a big fun vacation somewhere, thinking that it would come to and end and the kids would have to go back to the old home. But no... they live here!!! And it was beyond amazing to watch them run and run and run around in all of their space. We stayed for supper, and for devotions. Just.... surreal. For all of you who have been here before... sat in the old home during devotions as kids were crammed in everywhere, sitting on stained couches with no fan. What can I say to help you understand? It's just better now. It's just as it should be. All you have wished for these kids has happened. 

Once we got back to the base we had a chance to debrief a bit, and talk about our first impressions. Almost everyone commented that they had so much fun serving through physical labor. This was a first for many team members. I know that it was a concern for some. While we were training we heard a few comments about not being able to keep up. But everyone did such an incredible job. Worked SO incredibly hard. We were able to keep up with the crew of locals, and that was a surprise to us AND them! 

Today we were back at it again. Shovel, carry, dump, repeat. So. Much. Sand. The team has moved 12 dump trucks full of sand from one place to another. They are SO beat. The sun has come out in full force this afternoon, and many are feeling the affects of the heat and exhaustion. We struggled with the effects of sun stroke. Several people had to take longer breaks this afternoon. We have a dorm room to ourselves at the Children's Home, so there is a nice cool and quiet place to lay down. There was quite a bit of nausea and headaches this afternoon. The team worked until they just couldn't anymore and we wrapped up around 4:00. We were once again rejuvenated by some quality time with the kids after work, and we left the home by 5:30. We had our first Cholis break (YUM! A special Belizean treat!), and are now back at YWAM for the evening. The team is feeling SO much better. Kaden and Mikayla are still feeling a little weak, but I feel confident they will be back to 100% by the morning. Right now the team is laughing and singing in the kitchen as they clean up from supper. 

One last note before I end with some prayer requests. We are LOVING the family comments, especially the ones that include nicknames. We have enjoyed poopsiedoo and munchie, anyone else want to leave an embarrassing comment? All welcome! They keep our meal times lively!! 

One special shout out from Kaden to his brother Kash for his birthday yesterday. Happy 15th Kash! 

Tomorrow we are doing some planning and organizing for children's ministry in the morning, and then heading to the Mayan Ruins in the afternoon. I think it will be a welcome break from shovelling! 

Thanks so much for your prayers and support... 


Prayer Requests:

-for health. Most of the team ran into some nausea and headaches today. Like I said, everyone is doing much better this evening. Pray that we will continue to feel good, and not experience any more sickness from the heat. 

-pray for our weather. We need it to stay dry for the cement pour on Monday! It was supposed to rain for the last 2 days, and it didn't (thanks for the prayers!). Pray for continued favour with the weather. 

-pray that our basketball poles and backboards arrive on time. We purchased the basketball systems from the States, and they are currently being flown here to Belize. Pray that they will arrive in perfect timing to finish the court next week. 


Hello everyone! Kristin here. I'm so happy to report that we have arrived safe and sound in Belize! We had a great day of travel. A bit of a rough start at the airport this morning... due to some delays with the check in process we were once again running to catch the plane. But we made it just fine, and the rest of the day went really smoothly. We landed on time, but were stuck in a huge line in customs here in Belize. We arrived at the base at about 7:00, enjoyed a feast of rice, beans, and chicken, and are now showering and heading straight to bed! It was dark when we arrived at the base, so it will be fun to wake up tomorrow morning to the beauty of the jungle. We start our work project at the Children's Home first thing tomorrow. It will be a long and amazing day! I can't wait for the team to meet the kids, there are only so many ways you can describe an experience and tomorrow everyone finally gets to soak it all in!!

We are feeling very grateful, happy, tired, blessed, peaceful, full, excited and calm all at the same time. To work so hard, have so much support for this trip and to finally have it become a reality is very surreal. We have nothing to say but THANK YOU! This has already been such a huge gift that you have given us. 

Prayer Requests:

-please pray for good weather. It's been very rainy here, and we need some dry and sunny days to pour the concrete for the basketball court. Pray for some sunshine!  

-pray for a great sleep tonight, and renewed strength and energy in the morning.  

-pray for the parents of the team members. I'm sure that we feel pretty far away right now. Pray for peace and strength for those moms and dads who have lent us their kids for this amazing adventure.  


I will try and update again tomorrow, once we are back from the Children's Home. 

Thank you so much for your support! 


Kristin... for the team.