We're Coming Home!

Hi everyone! I'm at our gate in Toronto with the team just waiting to board our very last flight. We're coming home! I'm sure there are many happy moms and dads and friends who are excited to see the team tonight. We are excited to see you too!

We have just finished up an amazing debrief weekend. We stayed at an incredible hotel right in downtown Toronto, and in our free time were able to see the sights of the city. We had four great sessions with our friend Omar, who guided us through how we're feeling about the trip, about coming home, and he gave us some very helpful tools for a successful re entry back into life in Saskatoon. We had a powerful night last night during our last session as we had an encouragement circle, and spoke words of love and encouragement to each other and prayed for each other. There were many tears shed, and it was such a beautiful way to end our time together.

I know there are some mixed feelings about coming home. Some are excited to get back. Some are sad to be ending this adventure. But most of all we are thankful for this opportunity. We are very aware that this trip could not have happened without all of you... our community. It was a gift from you to us, and because of your support our lives have been changed. THANK YOU for all of the many ways you have supported us to make this trip happen, and for the many ways you will support us when we're home. We love you guys! 

We arrive tonight in Saskatoon on West Jet flight 323 at 8:59pm. We would love to see you there! Just a heads up... we will take a few short minutes upstairs as a team to say a final prayer of thanks and say goodbye to each other before we head through the doors and say hi to all of you. We will try and make it quick, we know you're excited to see us! 

See you tonight everyone! Thanks for reading and commenting. You were such a source of encouragement to us. 

Love from, 
Kristin, Corwin, Jordan, Kelsea, Sofia, Ashley, Keelin, Brielle, Holly, Izzy, Braydon, Gavin, Ethan and Brett. 

Back In Canada

Hi everyone! Im happy to tell you that we arrived safe and sound in Toronto! Our flight went really well today, and we breezed through immigration in about 10 min. We are staying at a really amazing hotel right in downtown Toronto, and as soon as we got here everyone headed up to the roof top hot tub to enjoy the amazing view of the city. This is one of those days that is hard to wrap our heads around.... we woke up in the jungle, ate fry jacks for breakfast, piled into a non air-conditioned van for the long trip to the airport. And now we are enjoying an incredible hotel, some delicious pizza and some hot tubs in the snow. 

Tomorrow morning we will have breakfast and then start with our first debrief session with our friend Omar. I know it will be a great time of unpacking everything that happened in Belize and everything we've learned. 

I am not too sure how much blogging I will do this weekend, it will be a lot of focused time with the team. But I will post at least once more before we come home. 

Prayer Requests: 

-praise God for a great travel day

-pray for our debrief sessions with Omar. Pray that we will continue to learn and grow and be able to process our trip. 

-pray for health. There are a few people with a cold. Pray that they can feel better tomorrow, and not pass it on to the rest of the team. 

Thanks everyone!! 


Kristin and the team


Today we entered the land of tourism in Belize as we headed out early this morning to drive and boat our way out to the beautiful Cayes! We boarded a boat around 9am in Belize City and took the half hour boat ride to Caye Caulker, one of the popular tourism spots here in Belize. We got a quick lesson on the do's and don'ts of snorkelling and headed out to the nearby coral reef. The team saw lots of amazing things as they swam around, beautiful fish and coral. And we jumped back in the boat to head to the second snorkelling spot, which is called sting ray alley. This is where about 20 or 30 sting rays and a handful of nurse sharks spend their days (don't worry... the sharks are small and friendly!), so the team had a great time swimming and even feeding the sting rays. What an amazing opportunity to experience something like that! 

After a couple hours of snorkelling, we headed back to Caye Caulker for some relaxing and sight seeing. The team got a chance to explore the island, try out some food from local vendors, and buy a couple more souvenirs. The island life is very very different than the life we have been living inland for the last week, and it was awesome to get a taste of it and take some time to relax. Caye Caulker is truly paradise, and we had to pinch ourselves a few times to even believe we were there. 


After a long day in the sun we started our boat ride back to land, and had the AMAZING experience of seeing some dolphins in the water on our way. We stopped the boat and watched them swim around us for about 10 min, and words can not express how majestic it was. It felt like a gift, and we just kept saying to each other "is this our life right now?!?'. Our day was full of many surreal and fantastic memories that will last forever. 

Once we got back to Belmopan we headed to the "Purple Thatch" again for supper, and had a FEAST. We were so hungry, and that food was so fantastic. The team was so happy to fill their bellies after a long day. 

It's hard to believe, but tomorrow is our last full day in Belize. The last few days have gone lightening fast, and we are in a little bit of denial that it is all coming to an end tomorrow. We will head to the home to do some jobs around the house that they need help with, and spend some precious time with the kids one last time. I know from experience that tomorrow will be tough and the team is not looking forward to saying goodbye. 

Prayer Requests:

-please pray for us tomorrow as we have to say goodbye to our little friends. We won't be happy about it, and neither will they. It has only been 10 days, but deep friendships have been made and I know there will be tears shed tomorrow. 

-there seems to be a cold that might be circulating around the team. No one is feeling too sick, but I heard a lot of sniffles in the van on the way home. Please pray against sickness as we head into our last day and our weekend of debrief. 

-pray for our debrief this weekend, taking place in Toronto. We will be taking a couple of days to unpack this experience and learn how to readjust to coming home. Pray that it will be a powerful time. 

Thanks for your comments! The team really does love hearing from each of you. They all ask a few times a day to hear any new comments that are posted. We appreciate your support! 

Until tomorrow... 


Good Morning from the work site!

Good morning everyone! Here I am as promised with some more details about our day yesterday. As I type this the team is pouring concrete and having a great time. It is hot today, but not as hot as expected. At least not yet. Which is an awesome blessing, so thanks for praying. 

If you watched yesterday's video you saw that we started the day with an amazing breakfast at the market. Eggs and beans and fry jacks for everyone... with some additional orders of chicken. After breakfast the team had a chance to explore the market and buy some gifts and souvenirs. They tried their hand at bartering, some were successful some not so much. But lots of fun things were purchased and the kids had fun. 

After the market we headed over to the site of the old King's Children's Home. The kids have only been living in the home we are working at now for about 4 years, and before that they lived in a very small house right in the middle of Belmopan. I always think it is important to take the team back to the place where it all started, and allow them to see where most of these kids grew up. Their old home is very small, smaller than most of the homes you and I live in, and it housed about 90 kids. They are now living in a home that is much more suited to their size, and is about 10 min outside of the Belmopan city limits, making it a much safer place for the kids to grow up, run around, and play. I have countless amazing memories from the old home, because that is where I watched all the kids grow up. It was small, but it was a safe place for them to be, and it is always nice to go back there and walk the halls and remember what God has done in that place. 

After the visit to the old home we headed out to the Art Box, which is a very beautiful store fill of souvenirs and artwork. The kids picked up a few more gifts for friends and family back home, and we headed back to YWAM for lunch. After lunch we stopped off in Spanish Lookout, which is a nearby Mennonite Colony for some home made ice cream and headed on our way to Unitedville to lead a Kids Club.  

The Kids Club went super well, and the leaders were so encouraged by being willing to come and serve with them yesterday. We brought them several duffle bags of donations... the donations that many of you bought and sent with the team... and they were so blown away by these gifts. Everything she took out of the bag she would say "we had just been praying for this!!". They run a tutoring centre every day after school and they are always in need of quality school supplies, flash cards, as well as toys for their pre-school. Which is exactly what we brought! And one of their teachers had been teaching the older kids with her laptop which just died a few days ago, and we happened to have one to give to her. It was awesome to see the blessing that these gifts can be, and know that they will be very well used. So thank you to everyone who sent down donations with us! At kids club all of the boys lead the kids in a few (loud, crazy, hilarious) songs, and lots of the team were involved in acting out a Bible story, and then Ashley and Brett both did a great job of sharing about what God has been teaching them lately. It was a lot of fun, and the team really enjoyed meeting some new friends. 

After Kids Club we headed to San Ignacio, a little city about an hour from YWAM, to eat supper in a lovely restaurant right in the middle of an orange orchard. On the way home the entire team fell asleep in the van, so worn out from a long and hot day. We headed to bed early to get ready for work this morning. 

This just in... the cement pour is going so well that the team has decided to push through lunch and will finish it up by about 1:00! The local crew here is amazed at their work ethic and the team is having so much fun! 

I will update again tonight about the rest of our day. Thanks for checking in! 


Seeing the Country

Hello friends! Kristin here with just a quick update before bed. I have plans to fill you in on all the details of our day, but I am going to do a way better job of that tomorrow morning. For now I need to head to bed... but enjoy Corwin's video and know that we had a great day! We went to the local market, did some other sightseeing, and lead a Kids Club this afternoon. It was awesome! Tomorrow we are heading to the Kids Home to do the big concrete pour on our building. The team is VERY excited, especially the boys. It will be an intense day of work, but they are so ready! I will check in again tomorrow morning with some more fun details from our day... but for now.... 

Prayer Requests: 

-Izzy's ankle is much better today! (as you can see in the video clip of the boys leading singing at Kids Club!) Praise God for a quick recovery. We are still keeping a close eye on it, but are so encouraged he is feeling better! 

-Pray for our work day tomorrow. Every day since we've gotten here has been a little bit hotter than the day before, and tomorrow is supposed to be a little bit hotter again. Pray for safety and protection against heat stroke as we pour our cement!

Thanks everyone for checking in. We are loving the comments! 

Until tomorrow... Kristin 

Does it get any better than this?

Hello everyone! We are loving your comments and enthusiasm... thanks for sharing this with us and sending us your love! 


Today was another GREAT day! We headed to the Kids Home first thing this morning to continue our work project, and it went amazingly well. We are prepping for the big cement pour on Wednesday, so the team was busy finishing up the base of the roof and tying rebar all day. They worked so quickly and did a great job. The local crew here is loving their work ethic and attitudes, and has told them how well they are completing each task. Maybe you didn't know that your son or daughter can sit on a roof and hammer in vapour barrier or tie rebar in 40 degree heat... but they sure can!! Everyone has taken turns doing every job, and I am constantly amazed at how well they are supporting each other and cheering each other on.


They put in a very full day of work, and still managed to have enough energy to run around on the playground and play basketball with the kids. There was a super awesome moment this evening before supper when I was sitting on the bleachers by the basketball field, the sun was setting and the breeze finally picked up. I took a moment to look around and just saw pure joy everywhere I looked. The beauty of God's creation in this beautiful country, and in these beautiful children that He has allowed us to know. It was magic. One of those moments where I wished I could stop time just to soak it in a little longer. I wish you could have been here in that moment too, to share in the joy that this team is both giving and receiving. 


We stayed for the family devotion time, where "mom" Leonie shared a great message on listening to the voice of God. It is always amazing to sing with the kids, listening to their cute voices praising God. And after devotions was a great supper of rice and beans and chicken. We usually pack up and leave pretty shortly after supper... but tonight we stuck around for a while. It just felt to me like no one really wanted to leave. We were having so much fun, just enjoying being together. Enjoying some last moments with the kids before we left for the day. It was just a feeling of peace and love... and so we lingered in it for a while. 

Tonight we had a team debrief and each shared something that we feel like God is trying to teach us on this trip. It was great to hear how He's speaking to each of us in different but also similar ways. 

Tomorrow we are shifting gears a little bit, and doing some sight seeing at the local market in the morning. In the afternoon we will head to a local Mennonite colony to grab some amazing home made ice cream, and then to a Kids Club in a nearby village. I already know it will be awesome, and we can't wait! 


-Izzy's ankle is doing a little bit better, but is still quite swollen. He is icing it a lot, and stayed off it all day today. Please pray for a quick recovery for him. I know it is not easy for him to sit and watch everyone work when he would love to be working too. 

-Pray for the Kids Club tomorrow, that we can be a blessing to that local ministry. 

-Pray for the team as they continue to unpack what God is teaching them. I know that the next few days are going to go by very quickly and we want to soak in everything we can. 

Thank you so much friends and family! 



Sunday FUNday!

Well... here we are at the end of the funnest day of the year. We had another amazing Sunday Funday today! If you haven't already, please check out our live video at www.facebook.com/yfcsask  We took about 20 min. of live footage from today and we would love for you to see it!

I started today by going to the home to pick up the kids and bring them back to YWAM. When I arrived I found them all dressed in their nice clothes, backpacks ready, standing with their little faces pressed up against the glass door waiting for me. I yelled 'who's ready for Sunday Funday' and I heard a lot of screams in response. I brought them back to the base and they were greeted by our team with decorations and toys ready to play! We spent a couple of hours just playing and playing and playing before lunch. It is always amazing to watch the kids just run around without a care in the world having the time of their lives. At noon my friend Shenny served us up an insane amount of fried chicken, nachos and cheese, and juice. The kids love to enjoy the luxuries of things like ketchup and hot sauce, and once their chicken was done they were eating the ketchup with a spoon. Once their bellies were full, we started up the slip n slide while the older kids played a game of soccer. I don't have enough words to describe how much these kids love a slip n slide. If you check out our Facebook video you'll see that it is a lot of crazy chaotic fun. We start by kind of standing in a line. We end by kids rolling around in soap. It's awesome, and a simple thing like a piece of plastic and some body wash brings them an incredible amount of joy. After the slip n' slide it was time for ice cream sundaes! It was another highlight to watch the kids each receive a huge bowl of ice cream with all the toppings. Ice cream is a big treat here as it is quite expensive, so every single bite was thoroughly enjoyed. After the slip n slide and ice cream it was time to wrap it up, and I started shuttling the kids back home. We were able to give each of them a little gift bag with some treats and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Each one of them said thank you so many times, they were truly feeling blessed by such a fun day. The team did amazing. Today was the hottest day we have had so far, and running around and playing is intense in this heat. But they embraced every second, and were always willing to jump up and help when it came to serving lunch and cleaning up. Be proud of these kids! They are doing great things and working so incredibly hard. 

After the clean up we were able to rest for about an hour, and then we headed to church this evening. Church in Belize is always a fun experience. The music if very lively and has a Caribbean vibe, and the people here worship very openly and freely. The kids really enjoyed the atmosphere, and were able to really connect with God through the worship time.


There was a guest speaker tonight, who had so many good things to say about the Church and how God has asked us to live to be a light in the world. He asked Braydon and Gavin to come up and help him with an object lesson, and they were so funny they had the whole church cracking up.


At the end of the message the pastor turned right to our team and told them that God was speaking to him to tell the team that God has great things in store for each one of them. He had a very good word for them, and was speaking into each of their lives specifically which was powerful of them to hear. It was an awesome and encouraging way to end the day, and once again the team came home so happy tonight as we had our debrief time. 

Tomorrow we are back at the work site, beginning the concrete prep for the pour on Wednesday. We will then stay at the home for supper and family devotion time. It seems like we just got here, but I know from experience that this week will go very very fast. We are trying to soak up every minute that we have left here. 

Prayer Requests: 

-Izzy's ankle was very swollen this morning, so I got Mr. Santi from the base to take him to the doctor to get it checked. I wanted to make sure it wasn't an infection of some kind, but they checked him out and did some x rays just to make sure, and it turns out it's a bad sprain. We are getting him to ice it and stay off it, but please pray for quick healing for him as I'm sure it's frustrating to have to stay off your feet with so much going on. Sofia's ankle is doing much better!

-Pray that the words that were spoken at church tonight can take root, and God can continue working in the hearts of our team. 

-Pray for safety tomorrow as we work, and for protection against heat stroke. Or maybe even pray that it wouldn't have to be QUITE so hot as we work. 

Thank you for all your comments and love and prayers and support! We love to hear from you, and are glad you're enjoying the blog and videos. It's fun to be able to share this experience with all of you. 

Much love, Kristin and the team

Some Relaxin'

Good evening faithful readers! Thanks for checking in once again. We had another awesome day today! This morning we were at the YWAM base getting ready for the much anticipated Sunday Funday tomorrow!! The boys took charge of decorating, and the girls made some treat bags for the kids, and set up the tables and chairs for our big feast of fried chicken tomorrow. Once we were all set up we took some time to get ready for the Kids Club we are leading on Tuesday afternoon. We split up into small groups and prepared some songs, a skit, and a craft to do with the kids who live in a nearby village. All of the boys decided to be in charge of the song leading, which brought a lot of laughs to us girls. You can see from Corwin’s video that they put their all into the practice time. 


We were planning on heading to the Mayan Ruins after lunch, but today has been our hottest day so far and we took a vote and decided to go swimming instead. You can see in Corwin's photographs this morning that there was a lot of fog, which always means that it will be a really hot day. The Ruins are awesome, but involve A LOT of climbing with no shade. We want to be rested for tomorrow, so we decided to head to a nearby resort called Banana Bank and take advantage of their beautiful pool and facilities. It was really nice to take a little break and enjoy some relaxation. The team really deserved a bit of down time.  


For supper we headed to a local restaurant for some delicious Belizean food. The restaurant is just an open air area with a thatch roof, and we call it Purple Thatch (the kitchen is painted purple). It is incredible food that is incredibly cheap. We ate SO much and are now back at the base feeling full and happy. 

Tomorrow is the big day, and I know the kids at the Kids Home are going to sleep tonight feeling VERY excited for tomorrow morning. We can’t wait for them to get here!

We are going to try and shoot a little bit of live video on Facebook tomorrow afternoon through the Saskatoon Youth for Christ Facebook page. If you hit like on www.facebook.com/yfcsask you can join in the fun at around 1:00 and we will try and share a little bit of the slip n’ slide fun! We thought it would be fun to share our fun with you! 

Prayer Requests:

-Kelsea and Brett are feeling good! Thanks for praying. 

-Praise that we have still avoided heatstroke and we are feeling good.

-Sofia and Izzy both have swollen ankles tonight. Sofia got an insect bite yesterday that has caused some swelling. Izzy is not sure if it is an insect bite or he may have hurt his ankle moving the rocks through the rough ground on the job site. Please pray that the swelling goes down tonight as they sleep, and there is no infection or sprains. 

-Please pray for Sunday Funday, that it would be a blessing to the Kids. Pray for our team that we can have the strength and energy we need to run around and play in the heat tomorrow. 

Thank you for your prayers… we can feel them! 

Goodnight from Kristin and the team and the howler monkeys


I can’t even count how many times I heard the words ‘today was a great day’. Today was just so much FUN, from start to finish. It was full of joy and laughter and a ton of memories. Let me explain . . .

We started out this morning by heading to the local market for breakfast. We each had a plate of eggs and beans and fried jack (a deep fried dough that is super common in Belize), as well as a delicious glass of fresh squeezed juice. Some of us also added a side of chicken, because chicken for breakfast is a thing here. Market breakfast is AMAZING, and everyone enjoyed it so much. 

With full bellies we headed back to the Kids Home and the team was super eager and excited to get back to work. We started a lot of jobs yesterday that needed to be finished, and there was a huge sense of determination to work as hard as we could. One of the biggest accomplishments of the day was finishing the hole. Check out the video that Corwin posted today to see the intensity of trying to shovel in Belize and you can easily see that digging a hole is a HUGE job that takes a lot of patience, strength and determination. The hole is a crucial part of the structure we are building, and it was very important it was done right with specific dimensions. The team did an incredible job of continuously working together to accomplish the goal. They were taking turns, encouraging each other, taking care of each other by filling up water bottles for those who were digging, and when it was finally done they could stand back and look at something that did not exist yesterday morning and know they did a great job. In addition to the hole digging, there was some work to do to prep the roof for the concrete pour we will be doing next week. So even those who were a little afraid of heights were willing to get up on the roof to nail some plywood down to the structure. There was also a lot of rock that had to be moved over to the worksite, and hauling load after load of heavy rock in this kind of heat was no easy task. It was also amazing to watch the team work along side some of the kids from the home who were not in school today. The kids wanted to help us so badly, and the team was so patient and kind with them. Instead of just doing the job themselves and saving time and energy, they would patiently help one of the kids to contribute to the job even if it took ten times longer. The kids from the home were so proud to be contributing to this important project and were happy to get to know our team better. 

As our work day ended we were able to experience something that none of us were expecting to see today. This will take some explaining, but but bear with me. I have mentioned before that the Kids Home is working very hard at become self sustaining. They run 100% off donations from others, and have to save very wisely to be able to provide a safe place for all of these kids. So for the last several years they have been working hard to develop their land into a farm to cut down on food costs and provide for the children. They put a lot of their time and energy into helping teams that come to volunteer to work with the land. They have been able to build a barn and a greenhouse, and they have goats, chickens, sheep, and cows. We are contributing to the farm by building a structure that can help them properly process the animals they use for meat. It is such a huge necessity for them right now. They do not have a proper building right now, which we witnessed today as the crew working with us and some of the older boys slaughtered a cow in the field beside the home. I am only writing about this because it ended up being a significant moment for our team today, seeing that something we are building is of great need and will be used consistently at the home. The team had the option of watching this process today, and not everyone chose to watch, which was totally fine. But those of us who did were really impacted by how much they respect their animals at the Kids Home. It was a very respectful, humane, sanitary, calm process. It wasn’t disturbing, and was actually a very interesting thing to be a part of. During our team debrief tonight almost everyone talked about how we were glad to be a part of that process today. It was a further glimpse into life here, into the needs they have at the farm, and into the integrity of the people who work and live here. It is very much a way of life here, and we felt like a part of the family being able to sit and watch them work today. 

After that unique opportunity we jumped right back into playing with the kids and enjoying our time with them. We are only two sleeps away from our funnest day of the year, which is coming up on Sunday. We are having everyone from the home over to the YWAM base for Sunday Funday, and to say the kids are excited is a giant understatement. I could not even come close to guessing how many times we all got asked today ‘how many more sleeps until Sunday Funday’. It is the highlight of the year for the kids, and we are getting so excited to have them over! 

After we left the home we headed into Belmopan to try out one of the BEST treats you can imagine… a cholis! It is a coffee/ice cream type drink and it is AMAZING. Especially after a long day in the sun working so hard. And we have all decided that any day that begins with a market breakfast and ends with a cholis is a winner. 

Tonight we came home to YWAM for supper and to enjoy some downtime together. We had an awesome night… eating, laughing, playing carpet pool. We had a team debrief and took some time to speak encouraging words to each other which was so great. We sat in a circle tonight and shared our thoughts on the day and every single one of us could only sum it up by saying, it was a GREAT DAY. 

Prayer Requests: 

-Kelsea and Brett are doing well! ALMOST back to 100%!! Thanks for praying for them!

-Ethan is also doing great, and had no signs of sickness or heatstroke this morning. And everyone else managed to avoid it today which is great!

-thank God with us that things are going great, and continue to pray for safety and protection as we work

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers and comments! We love to hear from you and love to know you are thinking of us. We are thinking of you too! 

Tomorrow we will be at the base in the morning preparing for Sunday Funday, and then we are taking the afternoon off to head to the Myan Ruins which the team is really excited to see!

Until tomorrow… signing off from the jungle

Kristin and the team


First Day at Work

Hello everyone! It’s the end of our first full day in Belize, and we are dong great! First thing this morning we went to the Children’s Home to begin our work project. We were not sure exactly what to expect when we arrived, or exactly what kind of work we would be doing. But there was a local crew of 3 men at the Kids Home who were ready to keep us busy. We are preparing to build a concrete roof for a building that the home desperately needs to help process animals from their farm. They are trying hard to become self sustaining, and this building will go a long way to help in that process. So today was full of many different jobs to prepare for the concrete laying that we will start in a couple days. The main job today for many of the team was digging a hole. That may not sound like a challenging or interesting job, but something that sounds as simple as digging a hole is a very very tough and tedious job in Belize. The ground here is incredibly wet, and instead of dirt the ground is thick and heavy clay. They hole needs to be six feet deep and a few feet wide, so the team put in many hours of hard work and they accomplished a lot. The hole will be completed tomorrow, and the team is feeling encouraged by how much of it they were able to dig today. Some other jobs included helping to plant and fertilize in their green house, cutting rebar, carrying posts, and cutting wood. The team worked incredibly hard all day and had great attitudes the whole time. There was not one complaint, even this afternoon when the temperature went up to about 35 degrees and the sun was relentless. I heard the team say many times that they had a lot of fun with the work, and loved learning new skills. 


We finished up work at around 3:30, had a tasty treat of some cold water bags and ideals (like Belizean freezies) and then we were finally able to head inside the Kids Home and meet the kids! As we were getting changed and drinking some water after work the kids were lined up at the gate calling out to us, SO excited thatwe were there to play with them. The kids know that any friend of mine is a friend of theirs, and so they jumped into the team’s arms as soon as we walked in and we got straight to playing. Our boys headed outside to the basketball court to take on a team of the older boys from the home (we lost… but it was a great effort), and everyone else was busy at the playground swinging and playing tag and running around. It was an awesome time, and such a blessing to watch the team meet these sweet kids and start to build some friendships with them. We stayed for the nightly devotion time with the kids, and ate supper with them as well. After supper it was straight to the grocery store for some well deserved snacks and back to the YWAM base for some chill time and a team debrief. 


During the debrief the team talked a lot about the fun the had today, both working and playing. It’s amazing to see a group of young people who work so incredibly hard all day and are still in great spirits with energy to spare in the evening. They are excited to get back to work tomorrow morning. 

Corwin took some time to make a video of our work today… we hope you enjoy it!

Prayer requests:

-Kelsea and Brett are both feeling better. Kelsea is not 100% yet, but she is quite a bit better than yesterday. Keep praying that her cold passes quickly. 

-Today Ethan got a bit of heat stroke after the intense basketball game and wasn’t feeling well for a few hours. He drank a lot of water tonight and got some rest and before bed he was feeling a lot better. Pray that he is feeling great by tomorrow morning, and that the rest of the team can avoid heatstroke working in this intense heat. 

-Pray for extra doses of energy and love as we continue to get to know the kids and build lasting friendships with them. 

Thank you so much for your comments, prayers and support. We are feeling all of it from this beautiful jungle we are in! 



We are in the jungle!

Hello friends and family! I am wondering how many of you are refreshing this blog page every 2 minutes to hear that we have arrived. I am happy to tell you that we are here safe and sound! We had a smooth day of travel, and we just finished an amazing supper of rice and beans and chicken at the YWAM base. Right now the team is unpacking and showering and settling in. We had our first pineapple fantas. We heard some howler monkeys. We have played carpet pool. Everything is how it should be! Tonight we are going to have a little team meeting, and head to bed early. Tomorrow morning we will be up bright and early and heading to the Children's Home for the first time! We'll be starting our work project and meeting the kids, and we are EXCITED!  I'm going to keep this post short because I know you are waiting anxiously to read it. 

Some prayer requests for today: 

-that we can settle in well and have a great rest tonight, and be ready to go in the morning

-for safety for the team

-Brett and Kelsea have a little bit of a soar throat, please pray that they feel better tomorrow and that no one else feels sick

-for our hearts, minds and spirits to be ready to meet some amazing kids tomorrow and that we will be open to what God has to teach us through them

Feel free to leave a comment, and I will share them with the team. Thanks!



We are in Toronto!

Hi everyone! This is Kristin just letting you know that we made it safely to Toronto! We had a great day, amazing flights, and just finished eating a lot of carbs at the Italian restaurant in our hotel. We are happy! Our flight to Toronto was amazing, as you can see in the pics from Corwin's post. We basically had a whole section of the plane to ourselves and it was amazing. We are already having a ton of fun, and feeling very excited to get  to the jungle tomorrow! We have been waiting for this day for a long time, and it is surreal that is finally here. Thanks so much for your support and prayers at the airport this morning. We appreciate you! 

Prayer Requests: 

-pray for a great sleep for our team tonight. We have an early morning tomorrow. 

-pray for a safe flight to Belize

-pray that God can continue to prepare our hearts for this amazing adventure ahead

I will be posting tomorrow around supper time to let you know that we've made it to Belize. 

Thanks for reading!


On Our Way

Hey everyone, Corwin here.  Just a quick update... we have had great flights so far. I'm taking advantage of some wifi on this flight to Toronto. This WestJet plane is really big, didn't realize they had planes this big. Turns out this flight is also very empty, so we basically have the entire back of the plane to ourselves! So it's really great, everyone is stretched out, taking naps, eating snacks and visiting with each other. As I write this we are still about an hour from Toronto.  Everyone is doing great, thanks for all your prayers. Thank you as well to everyone who showed up at the airport this morning to say goodbye and pray us off!  Your support means so much!



Almost Time!

Hey! This is Kristin Clark, the Director of Project Serve. Welcome to our blog! We have a group of 11 students and 3 leaders leaving for the country of Belize this coming Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 12:00pm. We have been meeting and training together since September, and we are so excited that the time has finally come to start this awesome adventure! We are so honoured to have the chance to serve in Belize, and learn as much as we can about this amazing culture, and  deepen our relationship with God. 

Please feel free to stop by this blog every couple of days for updates, prayer requests, pictures and videos from Belize. We would love to have you join in on this journey with us! 

If you are interested in joining our team for a prayer time before we leave, you are welcome to join us at the airport on Tuesday morning at 10:15am for a commissioning prayer before we leave. Please be praying for safe travels and good health for our team. We will arrive in Belize on Wednesday afternoon and begin our ministry time on Thursday. 

Thanks for reading!