My Summer so Far!!

Summer signifies a drastic change in pace and routine for me and the ministry opportunities that I am involved in.  All of our school programs are on hiatus for the summer, so I get to take a bit of a break form those and do some different things.  One of those things is being able to go to NMC (National Ministry Conference) in Winnipeg.  If I am 100% honest I am not a huge fan of conferences and retreats.  Being around that many people is often exhausting for me and often the sessions don't seem applicable or don't grab my attention, but this year was really enjoyable.  Being able to meet up with some friends I have made at other YFC chapters in the country and have fun and hangout with them was awesome.  I had some good laughs and it is great to be able to talk with people that have the same struggles and joys in their job as I do.

This summer I have also been able to take a couple of weeks holidays and do some travelling.  I like traveling and seeing new places I have never been to and have not gotten the chance to do as much of it as I would have liked to in the last couple of years.  This summer I was able to spend a week in Waterton National park camping with my girlfriend Danielle and her family.  I have never camped in the mountains in a tent before and her family made it a welcoming and amazing experience.  The weather was great and we enjoyed some fantastic views, some delicious ice cream and pie and even went on a little bit of a hike to a Glacial lake.  I wish that laying in a hammock and enjoying the  mountain breeze was a full time job because I would love that.

After returning from the mountains I was back in the office for a week and then it was off on another adventure this time off to Kingston to enjoy sometime on Simcoe Island at the cottage of Danielle's aunt and uncle.  This was a great time of enjoying lounging around eating some amazing food and just recharging the batteries.  Danielle's aunt and uncle were incredible hosts and it was a amazing time spent visiting with them.  On the way back we were able to catch a Blue Jays game which is always a favourite of mine.  Danielle had never been to a MLB game before so it was great to experience that with her.  I was also able to meet up with my high school friend josh who lives in Toronto.  It is awesome to catch up with him.  And best of all the Jays won which is few and far between these days.

I feel incredibly blessed to have spent these two weeks just enjoying good company, relaxing and having a bit of change of pace.  I have been trying to spend more time this summer connecting with God and doing some reading which I normally don't do.  As I get older I am becoming able to be more aware of what I need to be holistically healthy and to focus on areas that need more attention.  I came out of this last ministry season pretty tired and have been trying to focus on recharging my soul and digging in deeper with God.

I am in constant need of support and cannot do the work I believe God has called me to do without the support of people around me.  I know that when things are going well or I am feeling close to God it has more to do with the prayers of those around me then I would probably even understand.  So I am urging for your continued prayers.  Prayers for my spiritual well being, prayers for opportunities and openness with students to share the gospel, and prayers for unity at YFC in Saskatoon.

I am also in need of financially support.  At this moment I am just under 50% of what I need.  I strongly believe in the things God is doing through me here in Saskatoon, and would love to share that with anyone.  This part of ministry is draining and taxing for me.  I am constantly bombarded with my own insecurities and self doubt.  I know that God is using me to speak into the lives of hundreds of youth in our province and I can't let "money stuff" get in the way of the passion and calling God has given me.  Please pray that I will have strengthened faith and that God will provide for me so I can keep doing this.  


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