SOAR 2017

This past week YFCHL partnered with MB Mission to run a week of drop in hockey.  MB Mission runs a program called SOAR over the February break to allow students an opportunity to serve and do missions work over the break.  One of the opportunities these students received was to work alongside the YFCHL and do a week of drop in hockey.  So from 12-5pm Tuesday to Friday we ran drop in floor hockey at Mount Royal Mennonite church.  It was a great opportunity to hang out, play hockey, have some serious talks and cultivate relationships.  The YFCHL kids are addicted to hockey and will play any chance they get, and it is always great to see SOAR students interacting and playing with them.  It is an extremely busy and tiring week but it is so rewarding .


25 For Life

What do you spend $25 dollars on?  In the grand scheme of things it is not a lot of money, and at the end of the day how many of those things really matter?  Our goal at YFC Saskatoon is to breathe life into the stories of the youth of Saskatoon and area and to share the STORY OF HOPE through Christ.  Young lives matter... their stories matter.  $25 a month can help bring life to their stories