YFC/Zone Golf Tournament

We had our 3rd annual golf tournament in June with 38 golfers taking part.  The golfers varied in age from 13 to in to the 70’s, male and female.  We want to thank everyone that participated and a special thanks to the sponsors. The Zone sponsors- Zaks Home Building and Mark Neudorf (Reimax) were are silver ($1000.00) sponsors for the tournament.  Hole sponsors were Crankin It Mechanical (2 holes), Re-visions, Unger Concrete, Hague Service Center, Gazette/Valley News, Hague Pro Hardware, Custom Foundations, Norfehr Contracting, Neu Homes, MNP, Freezin Framing, Valley Ford, Epic, Y-not Const., and Fehr’s Painting. Motel 6 sponsored a $10,000.00 hole in one prize. Next years tournament is scheduled for June 10th at the Valley Regional Park just north of Rosthern, our goal is 60 golfers so if interested mark it on your calendar and see you there.

2016 Winners:  Travis Fehr, Hector Lopez, Bryce Loewen, Chris Unger

The "Gallery"

YC in Edmonton

The YC theme for 2016 was UNITE. What a great way to get the message out to demonstrate to the next generation by coming together as one body, one voice, with one purpose, at one conference. In the scriptures it says, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in Unity…for there the Lord commanded the blessing,” (Psalm 133). It was great see the blessing of the Lord come upon your young people!

There was a total of 36 of us that got on a chartered bus and spent a few days in Edmonton at the Youth Conference held at Rexall Place.  There were speakers and bands from different parts of the world.  During the day we went across the street to Shaw Centre where there were workshops of all kinds, activity centre, souvenir shops and a place to just chill out.  It was great to see thousands of youth worshipping Jesus Christ at the same place and at the same time.

Heritage House Outing

You ever need a weekend away from the everyday business, well we do, so we took some senior youth up to Heritage Lake, we rented a cabin (Heritage House) which is designed for youth outings.

We were out there all by ourselves enjoying God’s creation, God’s peacefulness and each other’s company. Our time was spent in God’s word, watching late night movies, going on a great nature hike, playing games and of course enjoying great food (food and youth go hand in hand) and even brave enough to step into the lake water, which still had ice on it (maybe brave isn’t the right word).

We had some deep discussions about the kind of choices we make in life, what we put into our minds eventually will come out. What goes in, has to come out. Whether its stuff we watch in movies, stuff we look at on our cell phones, or stuff that we listen to, it does affect us in our daily walk. When you go on outings away from the normal, it seems like everyone opens up more and share some deep stuff. It was a great weekend. The youth chip in where ever needed, cooking meals, cleaning up after and so on. Everything ends up being a time of bonding with the youth which reflects The Zone’s motto “building relationships for life.”

Big thanks to Andy and Lori Fehr for donating a multi game arcade game to the Zone! 

Mustard Seed Trip

“You are to serve one another in love, love your neighbour as yourself.”

Recently I took 9 youth and a couple of chaperones on a 3 day mission trip to Calgary to serve at the Mustard Seed, a shelter for the homeless people. It is a trip that we have taken for about 8 years during the Easter break. It is a trip that doesn’t cost the youth anything except a few meals. Years ago it was decided that if the youth are going out to serve we don’t want finances to get in the way and to keep our costs down way we stay at a church in Calgary and eat a number of meals at the shelter.

Our work consisted of serving and preparing meals for about 350 residents that stay at the shelter, disinfecting their living quarters which consists of a 4x8 foot mat, washing down the lockers and going to the sorting centre where we sort clothes that will then be brought to the shelter. Some of the reasons why youth came on this trip were to see what it actually is like for a homeless person, not a movie interpretation, in the Bible it says we are to help people in need by serving others, prayed about it and God called me to go to the Mustard Seed to be humbled.

The youth found it interesting how thankful and appreciative the residents were towards the volunteers and the staff and that the staff related to the ones staying at the shelter as guests. It was interesting how many people are actually homeless in a country like ours, and this is only one city. That all the belongings that they owned were carried on their back, it was a very humbling experience to see how much more we have in comparison and we probably grumble more than they do. The guests felt very thankful and blessed that we would drive 7 hours to come and serve.

So what did the youth get out of this short mission trip? Maybe our problems aren’t that big, more appreciative of what I have, putting yourself out of your comfort zone for the sake of others and that no one is above serving, serving is a command. Matthew 13:31-32 He told them another parable, “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches.” The youth were given this verse and were asked how they related that to The Mustard Seed homeless shelter. “The mustard seed, a very small seed becomes a big plant where birds can perch in its branches, the shelter started small with one person having a vision and look what it has become, a home that shelters many people.” “How the love of one person becomes the home of many people, something small becoming something big.” “The example of one person volunteering becomes so huge to the many residents that they have shelter.” “Volunteers show their love like Christ did and that this love be passed on by the homeless people and that Christ' love will spread and grow into something big.”

Laser Tag / All Nighter!

We had a Rock Ridge mobile laser tag come out to the Hague gym, it was a great evening with a couple of hours of laser tag, about 60 youth came and enjoyed an action packed event.  After the laser tag the youth walked over to The Zone and we had Action Venture come out and had some interaction with the youth while presenting the gospel. Youth love food so we barbequed burgers for all the youth and after they were all fed and finished playing games at the zone (about midnight) we went to the church, had a few worship songs which was followed by a local giving his testimony on how life without God left him feeling empty, and how other avenues, such as alcohol and drugs, only left him more broken. He also touched on important it is to choose good friends who encourage you to make wise decisions and not spend time with the ones that take us down the dangerous path.  After he spoke, the guys and girls split and spent time in devotions and talking about what was on their minds, getting stuff off their chest and ask some great questions. After that we joined together as a group playing board games, giant Jenga, Dance Dance Revolution and Super Smash Bros. There was also a good game of mini sticks going on which was just as entertaining to watch as it was to play.  Thru out the night there was lots of food and drink which was a way that the youth used to stay awake.  The youth were served pancakes and sausage for breakfast at 6 am and then they went home to enjoy a good days sleep. It was a great night!

Ministry Update

Heritage House outing

13 of us went to Heritage House Oct. 23-25 to spend some time in a quiet isolated cabin.  Time was spent enjoying God’s great outdoors, studying His word thru some of the Alpha series, playing games, watching movies, sleeping and eating.  The weather was great for the end of October (+5) to do outdoor activities, 2 youth even went for dip in the lake, but did not manage to stay in the water very long.  You get to know the youth more personally on a setting like this.  This is an event that the youth always look forward to but it is getting harder to plan due to school activities.

The Banquet

We had an excellent fund raising banquet with great food along with great speakers and special music. and the amount of money that came in was the highest that the banquet has ever raised before.  Praise The Lord.  The different talks were geared about The Zone, coming from different angles on how it has impacted individuals, the community, the school and youth in general.  It is great to hear others say that The Zone does make a difference in the lives of the youth in the area.  

The Zone/YFC golf tournament

The Zone and YFC had its second annual golf tournament on Sept. 26th at the Greenbryer golf course and then a meal and prizes taking place at the Circle Drive Alliance Church.  We want to thank all the sponsors for the tournament and everyone that donated to this ministry.  We had 38 golfers take part, which was more than last year but still short of our goal of 60.  We had golfers young, older, male and female and fun was had by all.  Thank you to all.

Zone Quotes:

We support it to keep it running for teens, a well established place to hang out, to have fun with friends, safe place to be, practice pool skills, come to visit and build friendships, great place to chill out and see that special person you like, the zone to me is a place where my troubles disappear and where I can be me.  It’s a fun place and I love it. I don’t think I can put what The Zone means to me in words.  The main thing I like is ________, and that it’s a Christian hangout.  I enjoy the outings organized by the zone

The Zone in a nutshell

“The Zone is a place where at risk youth can find practical care and refuge and be introduced to Christian adults.  Our goal is to help youth of today mature as balanced persons: physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.”

The mission statement that was drawn up by the board in 1998, and it is still our mission for the youth today

The Zone is there for the youth to make it their own, it is there for the youth to use as an alternative to the kinds of pressures that youth are faced with on a daily basis.  At The Zone the youth can take part in pool, fooseball, shooting hoops, ping pong or spending time chilling with their friends.  This past summer a small scale skate park was constructed with the youths’ help which has been a big asset to the backyard.

The ZONE fundraising banquet is Monday November 2nd. Contact Larry for more info: 

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The Zone life

Welcome to my online update page.  I am excited to be able to communicate with you through video, pictures, and regular updates on this page. There is lots happening these days at Saskatoon Youth For Christ and I am excited to keep you up to date as things happen so you are able to pray and know what is going on. My goal is to take our partnership to another level.
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Life at the Zone the past few months has been going well. We are getting 20 youth a week at our programs . this year we have been blessed with a few new young adult volunteers which has been a big help to us. Right now our big focus is on our fundraising auction on April 18th. I would invite you to come out and have a great time in support of the Zone.  


Please join us on Saturday April 18th for our fundraising auction. This is always a great time where there are not only good deals to be had, but it is also very important to help sustain the ministry of the Zone

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