Off to Belize!

I am so excited to be heading back to Belize! I am taking 2 youth girls with me who have been on Project Serve in the past, and one of the girls is bringing her mom along too! She has been to Belize with me 4 times (once on Project Serve and three times during the summer) and her mom decided she would like to come and experience Belize alongside of us and meet all the kids at the King’s Children’s Home! I am so excited to be able to take them with me, and I know we will have an amazing time. 

One special thing about next week is the grade twelve grad I will be attending. When I first went to Belize 14 years ago I met a group of kids who were just little toddlers, and I have watched them and help them grow up ever since. Next week 6 of them are graduating from grade 12, and I get to be there to celebrate this huge accomplishment with them. It has been such an incredible honour to walk through life with these kids, and I can’t believe that they are already done high school. It seems like yesterday that they were falling asleep on my lap or chasing me around the playground. There is one student in particular, Marlon, who I am very close with. He is like a son to me, and I have been there to celebrate all of his biggest accomplishments. He is graduating at the top of his class, and I am so proud of him and the rest of the crew for doing so well and finishing school. I can’t wait to see them walk across the stage next week! 

To Love is to Serve

Project Serve 2017 was a huge success! We took a team of 11 youth from Saskatoon down to Belize for a 10 day service trip and we had an amazing time! The majority of our time was spent at the King’s Children’s Home, which I have been partnering with for the last 14 years. It is a home filled with the most incredible children I have ever met, and getting to bring another team down to meet them and love them was such a blessing to me. During the days we spent our time working on a construction project at the Kids Home. They are in the process of developing their land into a fully self-sustaining farm. Over the last few years teams have helped them build a barn, greenhouse and chicken coop to house their own animals. So our project this year was to pour a concrete roof on a building that will help them process their own animals to feed the children. It is a much needed facility for any well functioning farm, and it was a great project for our team. We had a lot of fun working alongside a small local crew and learning how they pour a concrete roof. It took several days, and the team was so excited every morning to get back to the worksite and continue their progress. We finished the roof ahead of schedule, and the team did such a good job of working together, having fun, and encouraging each other along the way. When we were done work each day we would have a few hours to play with the kids, which was a highlight for most of our team! Spending even an hour with these kids will change your life. They are full of light and joy, and taught us so much about how to live a life of abundant joy even when faced with hard times. They don’t have a lot materially, but they are rich in spirit and there is so much to learn about how to be grateful for everything we have been blessed with. God blessed us abundantly with experiences that changed and shaped each one of us. He used this trip to change the course of life for many people on the team, and it’s exciting to look to the future and imagine what He will do because of Project Serve 2017! If you’re interested in reading more about our trip, you can still check out our blog at for stories and pictures from each day we were there.

Project Serve 2017

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again, and we’re getting ready to set off on another adventure with Project Serve. This Tuesday, Feb. 14th, I will be directing another team of awesome high school students down to Belize for 10 days. I am taking 11 students and 2 other leaders, and we have been meeting together as a team since September for team development and leadership training. This team is awesome and I am so excited to share this experience with them! Project Serve is the highlight of my year, and such an incredible initiative to be a part of. It is truly life changing and offers so much new perspective on who God is, how He loves us, and how truly blessed we are.

We would LOVE to share our experience with you, so please follow our blog at for daily updates, prayer requests, videos and pictures. Thanks for praying for us as we go!

My Parents Met My Kids!

In November I had the great pleasure of taking my parents to Belize with me, which was the first time they had ever been there. I have been travelling to Belize and leading short term mission teams there for 15 years now. I have been partnering with the King’s Children’s Home ( for all 15 of those years. I can still remember so clearly the first day I ever went to the King’s Home, what it looked like, what it smelled like, who I met. There are kids I met that day as cute little toddlers who are now all in Grade 12 and getting ready to graduate this year! It is incredible to me that I have been able to partner with such a great organization, and take so many students with me to share in the joy of the kids who live there. They are incredible kids, and even spending 1 hour with them will change your life. And I have been able to spend a lifetime with them, which is an incredible blessing and gift to me. So in November my parents decided it was time for them to finally come to Belize and meet these kids who I have watched grow up, and we had a GREAT time! My parents have watched from the sidelines and cheered me on as I have lived out this calling at YFC and poured into this mission in Belize. And it was an honour to be able to introduce them to these kids and watch them fall in love with them, just as hard as I have over the years. My parents got a chance to see my ministry and meet “my kids”, and it was an incredible blessing to me with memories created that we will remember forever!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

It has been a rich and busy couple of months as we get ready to head into Christmas, and God is at work here at Saskatoon Youth for Christ. I have felt so blessed by the rich relationships I have, and the way I can see God so clearly at work in the lives of the young people I work with this season.

The past few months have been busy in preparation for our next Project Serve trip, which starts on Feb. 14th 2017. We have a team of 11 amazing youth on the team this year, and we have been meeting together to do team building and training and learn more about God’s heart for missions and service in another country. Please be praying for us as we head to Belize in February, and we would love it if you read our daily blog while we are gone. I will be posting stories and up to date prayer requests while we are in Belize, so please feel free to read along at

On a personal note, in November I took my parents on a trip to Belize with me for the first time. I have been travelling to Belize for 14 years, and they have never had the chance to come with me and meet all the kids at the King’s Children’s Home that I love so deeply. It was an incredible experience to be able to introduce my parents to “my kids” and watch them instantly fall in love with each other. My parents now have a deeper understanding and love for the country and people that I’m so passionate about, and being able to share that with my family really means the world to me. We were able to make memories together that I will never forget.

Looking back...and ahead!

Reaching my tenth year of ministry at YFC has brought on a lot of personal reflection.  The past ten years have been amazing, heartbreaking, terrifying, rewarding, confusing, affirming, joyful, exhausting, fun, amazing…the list goes on and on. I know that different people approach ministry in different ways. In my recent reflections I have been reminded that I am the type of youth worker who SHARES LIFE with people. I find purpose and fulfilment in walking along side young people… through the good, bad and the ugly. Sharing life is not always easy. I have built a community of youth around me who I love to celebrate with during joys and triumphs, but who I am also willing to walk with through times of deep doubts, hurts, loss, mistakes and pain. Life can certainly be a roller coaster sometimes, and sharing life with young people means I am riding their roller coaster with them. Ups and downs. Goods and bads. I’m along for the ride. This job has never really felt like a job to me. It is truly a calling, and something that I am still deeply passionate about and continuously feel called to. Knowing and understanding God’s love for us is not easy. It’s something I still struggle with sometimes, and certainly something that my youth have a hard time understanding. Sharing life means that not only I am riding their roller coaster with them, they are riding with me too. They share their doubts, fears, failures. I share mine too.

It’s a two way street. Sharing life with so many amazing young people means that some days I am on top of the world, so excited for what God is doing in the lives around me. It also means that some days I am so discouraged and heartbroken, feeling the hurts and living through the disappointments that these kids are facing. I need you to understand that I truly cannot do this job without the support of people like you. This season has been especially challenging for me because I am in a place where I simply need to ask for help. This work is tough, but I am called to it. But I cannot do this work without more help. I am in a place where I do not have enough financial support to fully provide my salary every month. I honestly believe I have the most incredible team of supporters in the world, and I am simply in the place where I just need to add to that team. I would love to continue to live out this calling and keep sharing life with my community of young people. I know that God has much more to do in the lives of these youth. So to continue on this path I have to humble myself and simply help. Can you help? That has never been an easy question for me to ask, but it is so important to be able to humble myself and ask for what I need. Are you willing to join in my team? I would love to take you out for coffee and talk more about it, not just about finances but to have the chance to share my vision and passion with you face to face. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 241-2586 or

California Breakaway

I have been a part of the Calbreak trip for 11 years, and I can honestly say it’s as fun and exciting and meaningful now as it ever has been for me. Calbreak is an incredible trip and one of the most creative ways that I’ve seen God work in the hearts of young people. Calbreak is all about relationships. It is a fun and happy forced togetherness and shared experiences that makes way for incredible conversations about God’s heart. It is FUN fun fun, and in the midst of that fun is room for students to feel safe and loved and valued and secure not only by our amazing staff team but by God. Students come on the trip not knowing what to expect when it comes to the spiritual aspect. They feel sceptical and sometimes hardened and assume that any religious component of the trip will not apply to them. Instead what they find is an incredible team of staff who has given up 10 days of their life to share life with them, love them, and have open and honest conversations about where each student is at spiritually. It’s not a “we are right, you are wrong” conversation. It’s open minded and accepting conversations about what each of us believe, and a chance to consider God and His love for them. And God uses these conversations in incredible ways. There are students who come on Calbreak thinking that God doesn’t want anything to do with them, that they are unlovable and un noticed. And they get home knowing that they are loved, and understanding the heart of God more fully. As the buses pull out of Saskatoon every year I feel like they are full of teenagers who have walls up, who feel like they have to act cool, who have to prove themselves, who have deep hurts they have never shared, who are terrified of not making friends. By the time we pull into California I feel like we have buses full of teenagers who can’t help but giggle because they are having so much fun. Who put down their walls because they feel safe. Who decide to be themselves, not the persona they’ve created to make it through high school without getting hurt. And once they are in that safe space and the walls come down they are open to hearing about how God has brought them right to this spot to let them know that they are loved and treasured more than they can ever know. Calbreak is more than a trip to California. It’s an honour and a privilege to be a part of. It’s a front row seat to God seeking out His children and drawing them in close. It’s a gift.

To Love is to Serve

We returned last week from another amazing experience in Belize with Project Serve! It is really hard for me to believe that it’s already over…. it literally seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were gathering together for our first team meeting. We started this journey back in September by meeting together once a month. I really appreciated our training time this year. We went through the video curriculum put together by the writers of “When Helping Hurts”. I strongly recommend it for anyone involved in a short term mission experience…. close to home or abroad.

The team had an amazing time in Belize. We spent the majority of our time at the King’s Children’s Home, which was an incredible experience. During the day the girls worked very hard at laying cement in the centre courtyard of the home. It was gruelling work, and they did an absolutely amazing job! The first day at the home they jumped right in and were mixing and pouring cement within 20 min of our arrival. It was physically challenging non-stop work, and they committed to the job without complaint. They spent four days on the project and were able to finish the entire area they wanted us to pave. They moved hundreds and hundreds of pounds of cement and maintained awesome attitudes the whole time.

When the work day was over, we spent most of our time getting to know the kids at the home. Spending even one day with these kids is a life changing experience, and sharing life with them for 10 days was inspirational and humbling. We learned a lot about God, about being thankful for what we have and how to be more generous to those around us. It made us thankful for our families and communities back home. It was awesome to love and be loved by the kids, and we made so many precious memories with them.

If you would like to read about our whole experience, please check out our blog! You can read about our day to day adventures

Thank you so very VERY much to everyone who was involved in Project Serve, in financial support and prayer. It was such a gift and blessing to all of us involved, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of so many loved ones back home. THANK YOU!!!!

Project Serve

In only a few short days I’ll be taking off for Belize again, as the leader of my 10th Project Serve trip! It’s really hard to believe that I’ve been travelling to Belize for over 10 years. On the other hand, I can barely remember a time when the kids in Belize weren’t a part of my life. It has become a permanent fixture to me, a second home full of friends who feel like family. Leading youth to Belize is without a doubt the most humbling, incredible, exciting, rewarding (and sometimes exhausting) part of my ministry. There is at least one moment (sometimes many) on every trip that I take there that I wonder, Why me God? Why did you choose me to build into the lives of these amazing kids? Why do I get to be the lucky one? Why do I get to bring people to Belize and watch their lives transform? I don’t have the answer, but for as long as I will be thankful for these opportunities God has given me. 

This year our Project Serve team consists of 10 young ladies and 2 other leaders. We are leaving Saskatoon on Tuesday, February 9th and we’ll be home on the 22nd. We would LOVE it if you would be praying for us! Project Serve is an intense experience, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Please be praying for us in all of those areas! We would love for you to read along about our trip on the blog:  I’ll be updating it every couple of days with current prayer requests, pictures, stories and videos. Feel free to leave comments that I can pass onto the team!

Decades of Friendship

The other day I had the pleasure of having supper with my friend Emma. We are approaching the 20 year mark on our friendship, which means I’ve known her for over half of my life. Today Emma is an awesome mom, wife, and an incredible professional photographer with a super successful business. 19 years ago, when we met, Emma was a grade nine student at Caronport High School. She showed up for the first day of boarding school with multicoloured hair and she was wearing a dog collar as a necklace. She was strongly putting out the vibe that she wasn’t there to make friends, and she wasn’t open to getting to know God. When I saw her that day, outside the high school dorm, I wasn’t assuming that we would end up being close. She seemed like a rebel, and I wondered how long she would make it at the conservative Christian high school. From that day on, our paths kept crossing. I spent some time helping out in the high school dorm (I was in college at the time), and I would see her and say hi. Whenever we were at a school event it seemed like we accidentally ended up sitting close to each other. She started to become a familiar face. I remember one night in particular, we were all gathered in the little chapel in Caronport for a worship night. I loved those nights. Praising God with good friends, knowing that His presence was so real. Emma was once again sitting close by me, and God seriously got her attention. He finally broke through and broke down some of the big walls she had put up, and she was able to feel His presence and understand His love. God had a role for me to play that night, and I was able to sit with Emma and pray with her. That was the day she became a Christian and made a 180 degree turn in life. She came to Caronport with some pretty heavy baggage. Her dad was a drug addict. She had a rough childhood and a lot of anger. But that day was the beginning of a new path for her, and I got to be a part of it. From that day on I spent a lot of time with Emma. We met together once a week for coffee for 3 straight years. Of course she still had doubts, and fears, and problems from the past. It wasn’t an overnight healing of everything she had been through. But we became fast friends, and were able to have a really open and honest friendship while she went through high school. When she was in Grade 12 in Caronport, I had already graduated from Briercrest and was living in Saskatoon working. I remember that I was working a weekend job, every Thursday - Monday. The weekend that Emma graduated was the only time I ever booked a full week off work so that I could be there and celebrate with her. Fast forward almost 15 years, and we’re still friends. Her life looks drastically different than it used to. She has pursued missions in Africa. She has become an awesome wife and mother and business owner. She is incredibly compassionate, and loves God deeply. The other day over supper we were reminiscing about those early days… the rough days. And how far God has brought each of us. And she let me know that God truly did use me in big ways in her life. When I met her I had no idea that I was supposed to pursue youth ministry as my life calling. I had no idea that she would be the first of many young women that I would have a weekly coffee with to talk and pray with. There are a lot of ways that I helped her, and there are also a lot of ways that she helped me. We both started a journey that day, and God used each of us to learn new things about ourselves. I’m super thankful for the chance to walk through life with her. 


In the month of October I set a goal to try and get 100 donations towards my support account at YFC.  Every square is equal to a dollar amount, so I invited people to pick a square and donate that amount. To say that I am humbled by the response is a huge understatement. I first posted these squares onOctober 1st, and money immediately started pouring in. When I first started this fundraising campaign I’d love to tell you that I was super confident that I would be able to achieve it, but I wasn’t. 100 donations in 31 days seemed a bit impossible. And all together all of the squares added together equals more than $5000, which is a big goal. I was committed to working hard to meet this goal, but I was sceptical that I would complete it. I was so incredibly blessed by the response that I got. Not only with the donations that came in, but with the kind words of support and encouragement that came with them. I received donations from all over the country (and world!, from old college friends and mentors, and possibly the most humbling was receiving almost $1000 just from some of the youth that I work with. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for getting involved, supporting me, and reminding me that I am doing what God is calling me to do. It’s a blessing and and honour to have your support and prayers. 

Bible Study

Last year, every Wednesday night, I had the privilege of hosting a Bible study for an awesome group of high school girls that I’ve gotten to know well over the years. Last spring most of the girls graduated from high school, and I wasn’t sure if they would be interested in continuing our Bible Study with their busy University schedules. In the fall I was excited to hear that they are all willing and eager to keep meeting, and we have had some really fantastic times together this fall. One thing about continuing building into this little community, is that we have reached a very real, honest and vulnerable place together. Not everyone in the group is in the same place spiritually. We have all at different times struggled with doubts and fears. But we have built so much trust with each other. It is a safe place to learn, struggle, pray, laugh, and cry together. I feel incredibly honoured to share life in a real way with these young ladies. Each one of them is a huge blessing. 

October Fundraiser

In the month of October I have set a goal to raise $5000 towards my support account at Youth for Christ. It is a big goal, and I wanted to think outside of the box about how to succeed. On October first I made a blank “bingo card” numbered from 1 to 100. I posted it on social media, and ask for help with “purchasing a square” to help me reach my goal. Whatever number square you choose, that is the amount that you then donate towards my ministry at YFC. I started the month not knowing what to expect, and I have been overwhelmed by the response. I have received over $3000 so far, as well as countless messages of encouragement. Thank you to everyone who has gotten involved in this fundraiser! I am incredibly blessed by the support I’ve received. 

I am over half way, but I am still looking for help to reach my goal this month. It would be so incredible to see all of these squares coloured in. If you would like to get involved and purchase a square, you can donate easily online by following this link ( and writing my name in the Message Box. You can also write a cheque payable to Youth for Christ. Thanks again for believing in and supporting my ministry! 

Summer Mission

In July I had another chance to combine two of the things that I love most, spending time at the King’s Children’s Home in Belize and sharing life with and mentoring youth. I called it a bit of a social experiment. I went down to Belize most of the month of July, but I brought along with me 5 youth that I have known for many years to share the experience with me. These young people have all been on Project Serve Belize, some of them more than once. And they all had a strong desire to head back to Belize and serve for a longer period of time. I know it can be somewhat intimidating to travel down to a foreign country alone, even if you’ve been there before. It’s hard to know where to go, how to best help, where to serve, how to get around. I thought it would be good for me to lend my support and knowledge of Belize to these newly graduated youth and help them to have a positive and worthwhile serving experience. It was an independence trip for them. Freshly out of high school and wanting to spread their wings a bit. I honoured that, and made it my goal to support them in our day to day decisions but not take over as the leader of our group. It was so awesome to watch them experience life on their own for the first time, away from home, away from parents. Even just picking out breakfast groceries, or voting on supper plans became fun for everyone. I saw so many leadership skills come alive in each one of them. 

We went to Belize fully willing to serve in whatever capacity we could, but not having a ton of expectations on what our days might be filled with. We spent every day at the Children’s Home, and we quickly each settled into our own routines there. Two of the girls spent most of their days taking care of the babies, one of the guys was constantly coming up with relay races and games for the middle school kids. Another one was tagged as the book reader, always willing to share his lap and read some stories. I spent a lot of time supervising and hanging out with the older kids. The director of the Children’s Home was out of the country running a fundraiser in the States for most of our stay, so I helped out by supervising the kids and bringing some leadership to the home in her absence. We had an incredible month together. It was a good time to focus, both on service and on our relationship with God. We kept our distance from media, and the girls and I even decided to stay away from mirrors for the month. Not spending time and energy what we looked like every day, but just feeling confident in who we are. The team was able to build some really significant relationships with the kids at the home. Project Serve is a fantastic introduction to missions, and a good window into the Belizean culture. But spending a month there was like the next chapter. I know the team was so happy to be able to spend real quality time with the kids, and know that they were building even further into the relationships they started during Project Serve. It was amazing to watch their friendships with the kids deepen and strengthen with every day that we were there. It was an experiment, sharing every minute of every day of July with a team. But it was an incredible experience, and I am excited to try it again someday. 

Personal Support

I need to be honest, it is incredibly hard for me to ask for financial support when I need it. Raising my salary is the biggest challenge in my job at YFC. There are so many incredible places that need and deserve your support. I often feel so unworthy to ask for financial support, but I have to humble myself and ask for help. I have many incredible people who faithfully support me, some since the very beginning of my journey at YFC which was ten years ago! I am so thankful for my team of supporters, and literally could not do this job without them! But it is time for me to expand my team, and ask for more people who are willing to come alongside me in this crazy and amazing journey. I am in a pretty desperate situation at the moment, and am asking and praying for some more financial support. Can you pray with me? I am always willing to chat more about this, so if you would like to hear my heart or ask me any questions track me down for coffee.



Calbreak 2015 wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, and I think I am tempted to call it my best trip yet! I have been on Calbreak for many many years now (maybe 11?), and I have almost expected it to start getting old, less fun, less impacting, less exciting. But I am so blessed to say that Calbreak is still one of my absolute highlights of the year, and a place where I can see God moving and feel His presence in very real and significant ways. I’ve been trying to look back on this trip, and figure out exactly why it was so good. But it seems like there are too many things to count. One definite highlight was the group of girls that I got to spend time with on this trip. I had 8 girls in my small group, and knew most of them well because we have been to Belize together. My small group was amazing, and it felt like we all loved every second we got to spend together. We laughed so hard and so often, we went on crazy rides and overcame fears, we had some honest talks about the challenges life brings us, we had dance parties, we cried together, we may or may not have had a few talks about boys. We had a crazy amount of fun, and I loved and cherished every single second together. Spending a week in Cali with them was a gift. 

While I was in Cali I also got the incredible privilege of baptizing one of my youth. Kristen Weber is a girl I have known for several years, and we became close when she came to Belize with me in high school. Kristen is now living down in California and working at Cornerstone Church in Fountain Valley as a youth intern. She has wanted to get baptized for about a year but wanted to wait for an opportunity to for me to be there with her, and we decided that Calbreak would be an awesome chance for her youth pastor Gary and I to be able to baptize her together. We gathered on Laguna Beach with some of her close friends and church family, and a whole bunch of our Calbreak youth and Kristen got the chance to share what baptism is, what it means to her, and why she is ready to take this step in her life. It was such a great opportunity for so many of our Calbreak youth to get a window into not only baptism, but what walking with God looks like and how a relationship with Him can change and shape your life. After Kristen shared, Gary and I took her into the ocean and dunked her! It was one of the biggest honours of my life so far, and a day I will never forget. I am so incredibly proud of Kristen and the life she is living. She chooses to serve God and serve others every day, and it is a blessing to know her. 

Calbreak continues to the funnest and one of the most creative ways I know that God has created to make Himself known. It is so relationally based, and is all about sharing life with youth. Being real around them. Listening to them. Sharing our perspectives. Sharing our faith. Sharing our doubts and fears, and letting them know it’s ok if they have doubts and fears too. I am told every single year by so many people that I must be crazy for hopping on a bus with so many teenagers for 10 days. But it’s really not crazy at all. It is a gift that I don’t take lightly, and it’s a front row seat to God showing up in very real and powerful ways. I am literally counting down the days until Calbreak 2016!

Personal Highlights



Life is jam packed with busyness and joy lately. This is a season of travel for me. I just got home from Project Serve Belize 3 weeks ago, and am heading out on California Breakaway in 2 weeks from now. This time of year especially I feel so blessed to do what I do. Life feels full of adventure and opportunity. Chances to really share life with the youth that I work with. I feel incredibly blessed to get to do what I do. It’s not always easy. Some days are incredibly hard and discouraging, especially lately. Walking with kids down hard roads and through bad decisions is hard. But for every discouraging conversation, situation or day God always seems to provide a glimmer of hope in things to come. Enough to keep going, knowing that my efforts and ministry are making a difference. 
Personally speaking, I am doing well. I absolutely love to travel, so the quick turn around between Belize and California isn’t too big of a deal to me. I am ready to get back out there on the next adventure! There are a few girls coming on Calbreak that I just took to Belize, and I am so excited to get to share another trip with them and spend lots more quality time together. I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months!


Project Serve


I got home from our Project Serve trip to Belize 3 weeks ago. This year I took 20 students and 3 other leaders to Belize for 10 days with the goal of building a volunteer house at the King’s Children’s Home. We were successful in building the house, and I was pleasantly surprised that they had some other needs and jobs lined up for us when we got there. In addition to the house, we laid a large cement foundation for even more volunteer housing, and helped in the construction of a green house that they are building. It was really fun to spread out a bit, and help in so many different areas. The Children’s Home has some big vision for their land, and it is so amazing to see the ways God is providing for that vision to become reality. 
When we weren’t busy working, most of our time was spent hanging out with the kids at KCH. There are about 100 of the most amazing kids in the world living there, and it was so fantastic to get to introduce this team to them and watch them all fall in love. A lot of strong connections were made, and it was really hard for our team to say goodbye. It was a really life changing trip for a lot of our team. Coming home is always hard, but I’ve seen some really positive life change and new passion for God and life from many of my students. 


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