Summer has been very busy thus far. My new role as executive director has been very busy with transition and many meetings, which has been good. One of my favorite authors is Patrick Lencioni and he wrote a book called, "Death by Meeting", I think that may be the way I go out lol!!

At the end of June we attended the YFC National Ministry Conference in Winnipeg. Over the course of five days we got the opportunity to network, pray, and fellowship with our YFC brothers and sisters from across the country. It's a great time of learning and hanging out, though, this year, I was so busy with meetings, the conference tired me out haha!! Below are a few pics from the fabulous YFC building in Winnipeg. It was also Gil & Alison's last days with with YFC. We were able to celebrate with them over a nice dinner, where we presented Gil with a personalized Rider jersey with the number 30 which was how years he was with YFC.

As I write this our family will be heading away for two weeks of camp ministry. First, we will head to Camp Oshkidee, where we will lead the youth program for Week C of camp. With less than 18 hours at home, Alex and I will hit the road to serve at Hockey Ministries International Hockey Camp. Please pray for us as we travel and minister over these next couple of weeks. I have a lot on the go and need the Lord to give me strength and courage as we minister this summer. 

Ministry Update

Lots has been going on since taking on the role of Executive Director at SYFC. With Leadership Luncheons, Golf Tournament, and some great leadership training with Dr. Steve Brown, President of Arrow Leadership, I have been as busy as I have ever been in my 12 years at SYFC.

Our Leadership Luncheons went over quite well. We had 25-30 people attend our meetings. I was able to meet some longtime supporters of SYFC after the luncheons, so that was great. 
Our golf tournament was a huge success. We had a total of 58 golfers, which was 20 more than we had last year. Though the weather was miserable, people had a good time and we were able to share what God is doing in Saskatoon and Hague. 

Local Arrow grads with Dr. Steve Brown (2nd from right).

Local Arrow grads with Dr. Steve Brown (2nd from right).

A few years ago I was able to be a part of the emerging stream at Arrow Leadership. This was the best training I have ever received. I have been able to launch into greater leadership responsibility since graduating from Arrow. A local Arrow grad once told me that I f I could get a few mins with the president Dr. Steve Brown, that I need to take advantage of that opportunity. Not only did I get a few mins, but he was my leader partner for my two year Arrow journey. I was delighted to learn that he was having a seminar on June 9th in Saskatoon.

Calbreak Reunion a Huge Success!

Yesterday 70 students reunited for the Calbreak movie premiere at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon. To have 70 students out of 93 who attended the trip, come from around the province, tells you that Calbreak offers something more than the average High School trip! It truly is a five star experience. 

To send a young person on California Breakaway please visit:

Message from Gil Klassen & Kim Worthington


For the past 29 years my wife Alison and I have been dedicated to the mission of Youth for Christ in Saskatoon. Over these years, we've seen many changes but one thing has been the same - God has used this ministry to bring life to teenagers.  Over the past few years, I have felt God's prompting that it was time to step aside from leadership in order that new leadership could emerge. My desire is to have a healthy transition which leaves a strong YFC ministry in the city of Saskatoon. I am very pleased that this transition process has confirmed Kim Worthington as the new Executive Director of Saskatoon YFC. - Gil

SYFC has a strong and healthy board, a dedicated staff team who sacrifice daily to give to the mission, and now a leader who can propel this ministry into the future. I am convinced that God's hand is evident in this ministry and has been through this process. 
The reason you are getting this letter is because you are a key part of the family of Saskatoon YFC. Through your prayers and financial support of our staff and different ministries, like Project Serve, YFCHL, California Breakaway and YFC DropIn, you have been a part of this team that is helping bring life and hope to youth. 


For seventeen years, Barb and I have seen God change the lives of young people in incredible ways. We are excited for this new leadership opportunity and look forward to communicating with you the great work of our Lord in the lives of young people in our city. At SYFC, our vision is that every young person in the Saskatoon area will be transformed by God's love and life-changing power. With an estimated 30,000 young people in our surrounding area, we at SYFC, in partnership with the Christian community, have a vision to reach these students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. - Kim

This is a critical time for the ministry of Saskatoon YFC. We need you to continue to be a part of it. As we move with this transition, we are currently in need of funds to help support our staff and ministry. We are asking if you would stand with SYFC in prayer and financial support. Would you be able to give a special one time donation to help provide stability during this the leadership transition? Click here to make a donation!

There are also a couple a of key events coming up which you may want to be a part of:
1. On Wednesday May 31 and June 7 we will be hosting a leadership luncheon from 12:00-1:00.  During this time you will be able to enjoy a light lunch and get to hear firsthand from the new SYFC leadership.

2. On Saturday June 10 is our YFC golf tournament which will be a fun event that you won’t want to miss.

This past year has been an incredible year of ministry. We look forward to a great future for Saskatoon YFC and we invite you to be a part of this important work.

Gil Klassen & Kim Worthington

Executive Director


Very exciting news for our family, as I have been selected as the new Executive Director of Saskatoon YFC. Here is the message from our Board Chair, Andy Fehr.

Great news! The Board of Directors of Saskatoon YFC have just appointed Kim Worthington as its new Executive Director effective May 1st 2017.

Kim is a 12 year veteran of SYFC. While the Board did a two month search for a new ED, both externally and internally, it was unanimously determined that Kim was the best possible candidate to step into this important role.

He has served as Associate Director and is held in high regard by staff and volunteers. He is a leader who lives out his faith in his daily life. He loves the youth of our city and is committed to introducing them to the person and life of Jesus Christ. If you want to get Kim excited, ask him about the ideas he has for strengthening our current ministries and establishing new opportunities that will introduce more youth in our city to the love, mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus.

Kim is a graduate of Bethany Bible College and the Arrow Leadership Program. He and his wife Barb (a former staff member of SYFC) have a very vibrant faith in Christ. They have two children, Alex (12), and Danika, (10).

The vision of SYFC is that every young person in the Saskatoon area will be transformed by God’s love and life-changing power. Our mission, in partnership with the church and the Christian community, is to help young people obtain their full life-potential showing love and care for the whole person and encouraging them to serve God as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

As SYFC embarks on this season of change, we truly need you to continue partner with us both in terms of your prayers and your finances. We truly want to live out the vision and mission of this important youth ministry and we need your continued support to do so.

Please be in prayer for Kim and Barb as they take on this new leadership challenge and lead us into a new day.


Because He lives,

Andy Fehr, SYFC Board Chair

YFC Golf Challenge

We are happy to announce dates and times for our 4th Annual Zone/YFC Golf Challenge. 
This year will be at Valley Regional Golf Course in Rosthern. Our event will start at 10:00am and will have a split start. We will be having a BBQ lunch at 3:00pm, along with a short program to share what God is doing through the Zone and Saskatoon YFC.

For more information and to register please visit

Blades Faith Night

This past Sunday the Saskatoon Blades hosted a Faith Night for our fans in our community. It was the first Faith Night the Blades have had for about four years. I was approached by the team to reach out to youth groups to invite them out for a presentation, game, and post game skate with the team. Unfortunately the post game skate was cancelled due to the Mumps going through WHL teams.
A highlight for me was being able to drop the puck for the pregame ceremony. I have loved the blades ever since I was a little kid and am so blessed and thankful to have a role with the team. I was also able to have an interview with three of our players who are in different stages of their journey with the Lord. It was a real highlight for me to be able to interview the guys and hear what they go through as high level athletes.

Another highlight was being able to meet the parents of Mason McCarty. Mason is the player who I have established a pretty close relationship with over the last two seasons. When meeting Mason's mom she gave me a big hug and thanked me for all I have done for her son. I was blown away by the hug to tell the truth. At the Faith Night game I was able to meet Mason's dad and he also thanked me and told me he would like to get together for a meal. I feel very blessed and it sure was nice to hear how I have encouraged the McCarty family.

Boot Camp 2017

What a weekend! Once again we took our YFCHL (Youth For Christ Hockey League) program to Redberry Bible Camp for a weekend of floor hockey, food, fellowship, and faith. 

Our speaker, Andrew Russell had to cancel last minute due to his 3 month old son being very ill. It was discussed among our leadership that I should be the one to speak at Boot Camp. This made a busy week even more chaotic for me, but I was happy for the opportunity! I shared my faith story and that no matter where you are or come from, God has a plan and can use you. Saturday evening I shared about Fatherlessness and how God can fill the hole in our hearts left by our earthly father's, as many students don't have a strong male presence in their lives. 

This is our 5th Boot Camp we have run in our 8 year history of YFCHL. Many of the kids consider this weekend to be the highlight of their year. God has been moving in the lives of students. I ask that you would pray for our young people. Many of these students do not know the love of the Father, yet they desperately are looking for it in all the wrong places.

My friend Carlos

This is my friend Carlos. Carlos and I met this past summer at Ranger Lake Bible Camp, while I was speaking at paintball camp. We hit it off right away and he asked if I would mentor him, which I said yes to right away. Carlos is currently battling cancer. Shortly after summer he was diagnosed and had surgery shortly thereafter. After surgery the doctors told him the cancer has spread. He is currently in his third round of chemo. I ask that you would pray for this young man. He is handling everything extremely well and is focusing on Jesus. He has aspirations of going to Millar College of the Bible in the fall with the purpose of getting into youth ministry in the future. God is working in this young man's life. Please pray this final round of chemo would take care of the cancer.

YFC Giving Guide

Christmas is a great season of giving. If you, your family and your friends are looking for a meaningful way to give back this Christmas, we would love for you to check out the YFC Giving Guide.

18 specific gifts that will help bring LIFE to the STORIES of countless young people.

Please SHARE this with your friends, family, co-workers, etc, and THANK YOU for helping to GIVE LIFE this Christmas!

It's that time of year again...

I love this time of year. It's really neat to experience Christmas through my children who are now 11 and 9 years old. How quickly time goes by. Lots has been happening since I last updated. Here are a couple of things worth mentioning and praying for. 

In summer I met a young man that expressed to me a desire for me to mentor/disciple him. Starting in fall, we started to meet regularly and do life together so to speak. This young man who is 19 years old has been diagnosed with cancer. He has had one surgery already but the cancer has spread to his abdomen. I ask that you would pray for this young man. I think his spirits are good considering, and he is seeking the Lord, but I do ask that you would lift him up to Jesus.

Mason McCarty, a 19 year old Blades player who came to our banquet to share what God has been doing in his life, has since been injured as he tore his MCL and is out for 8-10 weeks. I ask that you would pray for him. He was the teams leading scorer. Please pray that he would not become too discouraged and that he would be able to return sooner rather than later. 
To read more about Mason and how the chapels have impacted him, please click here

I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas from my family, Barb, Alex, and Danika. We are so thankful for many of you who support us through prayer and finances. I hope you encounter Jesus in a new and exciting way this Christmas season.

Sometimes Ministry is Hard

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”
— Jesus

This past summer I met a young man who was on staff as a counsellor at a nearby Bible Camp where I served for a week. We quickly hit it off and made the decision that I would start mentoring the young man in fall. Our meetings together have ben good. He is a fine young man who comes from difficult circumstances, much like I had growing up. This past week he was diagnosed with cancer. His surgery is this Friday. Please pray for this young man and for me as I do my best to walk alongside him. Thankfully they found the cancer early and it seems to be contained to one area.

Yesterday I got news of a young 21 year old man that I knew, was killed in a crash that was the result of a police chase. I am very saddened by this news. He has a a daughter who is under a year old. Please pray for the family. 

YFC Fall Fundraising Banquet

If I Told You My Story...

Once again we will be sharing stories of youth that have been impacted by Jesus' love for them. We are excited to change things up a little, as we will be using Dutch Growers Garden Centre as our banquet location for this year. For more information call 306.242.7117 Ext. 102.

Sunday November 6th
Doors open at 5:00pm
Dutch Growers Garden Centre

Summer Camps!

What a whirlwind summer once again! Between holidays and going to camps my summer flew by as it usually does since I have been at YFC. 

Our first stop was serving at Camp Oshkidee. Barb and I are on the camp committee for Family Camp at Oshkidee. Our role is recruit youth workers to serve for the five weeks of family camp. This year we served in the role of Children's workers! We used a curriculum called Son Sparks Lab's, which uses many cool scientific experiments to show God's love and share the gospel. It was a great week with a great bunch of kids and young people to help us out with the little ones.

After Oshkidee, Alex (my son) and myself travelled to Caronport to serve with Hockey Ministries International summer camp. My main roles are to put together a highlight video and to work with the camp director to run media for our chapel times. It was great week! I have served there each summer for the last six years and this was my favorite week yet. We had a great team lead us in music during our chapel times along with a great lineup of speakers. A highlight for me was seeing a couple of my son's hockey friends attend the camp for the first time. These boys are not from Christian homes so it was great to see them hear the gospel and learn that they were actively listening and engaging during chapel and team time.

Lastly, I was a speaker for DIRT Camp, which paintball camp at Ranger Lake Bible Camp. I spoke to the older kids for the first time (14-18 yrs). In the past I have always spoke to the younger boys, so I was a little more intimidated this time around. At almost 42 years old the thought of 5 days of paintball had me a little nervous. Thankfully I'm in decent shape and didn't come home to battered and bruised to badly! I spoke to the boys about the importance of following Christ instead of Adam. I spoke to the fact that the world needs more Christlike men to lead and be the men God wants us to be. All in all it was great week for me. God is good! 

A little demo showing the guys how to attack/defend!

25 for Life!

I’m thankful for Kim and the work he’s been able to do, bringing courage and strength back in to my life thru the Lord
— Mason - Saskatoon Blades

Every day, we will probably spend $25 on all kinds of things, but at the end of the day, how many of those things really matter? What if our $25 could do more?

At Saskatoon Youth For Christ, $25 a month can give our staff the tools they need to build life changing relationships with young people, and to share our Story of hope through Christ. Our programs and initiatives provide the opportunity for these relationships to be formed, and for God's Story to be shared. These young lives matter...their Stories matter. $25 a month can help bring Life to their Stories!

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Come give me some food Kim haha...

...people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.
— Deuteronomy 8:3

So i'm sitting at the YFC office doing work when I get a facebook message asking me to give some food to a young man I have known for years. He is now in a gang and often goes hungry. He is on the run from the law now too. I am grateful that he trusts me enough to take him for some food. Through our conversation I try to speak life to him, offering him my support however needs it, as much as I can. Give Life to Their Story. That is what God has called me to do with this young man. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a friend/mentor/champion for this young man. 

Lately I have tried to live by these words spoken by a YFC friend in Toronto. Bring Hope, Serve Well, and Celebrate! I celebrate this young man. I wish you all could meet him. He is a wonderful young man who doesn't have much in this life. My hope and prayer is that God would speak to him and tell him how much he loves him!

Sometimes you just never know...

“It’s not religion, but relationship”.

At YFC we are launching a fundraising campaign called, "25 for Life" ( The idea is that for $25 a month you will help us GIVE LIFE to the many students we work with, as our theme at YFC is "Give Life to your story"
I asked one of the Blade players (Mason McCarty) if he would share a story for the 25 for life campaign, on what it has meant for him to attend chapel and have me involved in his life. Below is his response. I had no idea he would say these things, which caught me off guard in a good way. 

YFC Golf Challenge!

Spring has sprung here in the Saskatoon area! The grass is green, flowers are blooming, and farmers are getting the crop in the ground. This is my favourite season of the year! I love the new life that is springing up all around us. 

The spring season means Golf Tournament here at YFC. We are once again hosting the Zone/YFC Golf Challenge at Greenbryre Golf Club on June 11th. If you or any of your friends would be interested in a great day of golf and fellowship please contact the YFC office and we will get you booked in. Along with Golf we will have a short program with a great meal and short program highlighting a few of the YFC initiatives!

I hope to see you there!

Executive Training in Denver!

Last week felt like I was drinking knowledge from a firehose! Gil Klassen (my boss) and myself flew to Denver for week long training with about 20 other YFC staff from all over North America. It was really neat to be able to connect with so many new people and see how their chapters operate, and to hear how kids lives are being changed across our countries! 
A highlight for me was how the trainers really pushed us to be Christ centered leaders. Not that we weren't before, but they brought the John 15 chapter back into focus, "Apart from God we can do nothing." Another takeaway I had was a discussion about icebergs. Generally when people see us they see 10% of our lives. Like icebergs, we only see what is above the surface, while the other 90% is unseen. This hit me in relation to how I live my life. I need to feed my soul and walk humbly with the Lord that I might glorify Him and lead others to Himself. This is the 90%, bible reading, prayer, community, and spiritual disciplines!
Along with class time we also had some fun! YFC USA/International offices are across the street from the Denver Broncos practice facility and offices. For those that know me, I am a huge NFL fan. So on our lunch break a few us walked across the street and spent about 30 mins talking with different staff and walking around the facility.  During our last night in Denver YFC Canada purchased tickets for all the Canadians to attend a NHL hockey game. This was such a fun evening as we watched a great game between Washington Capitals vs. Colorado Avalanche. 
So many takeaways from a great week of learning!