holly hyrhoruk IS PART OF PROJECT SERVE BELIZE 2017!


Dear Friends and Family,

As you may or may not already know, ten other high school students around the Saskatoon area and I have been blessed with the opportunity to partake in a mission’s trip called Project Serve in Belmopan, Belize through an organization called Youth For Christ. We will all be going on this adventure for 12 days in February 2017 and will be accompanied by three adults that have been leading a group of high school students to Belize every February for up to fourteen years now.

The King’s Children’s home is an orphanage in Belize that the team will be partnering with when we are there. The orphanage is home to 100+ children ranging from babies to eighteen years of age and the facility is run by only one women, full time (although, there are many people who go to the home and volunteer their time to help in whatever way they can from all over the globe). While we are in Belize we will be partaking in a construction project to help develop the new facility for the King’s Children’s home. Not only will we have the opportunity to help the home by developing the land where they live, but we will also be able to play with the children at the home and love them as much as possible in the time we are helping at the home.


Prayer is something that is very important to me and it is something that not only I, but also the whole team values greatly. This journey that I am going on is something that I have never done before and I will not be able to partake in it alone. On that note, I am inviting you to come along side with me during this time though prayer. Prayer and encouragement is something that the team and I will need in a great amount while going on this adventure so I would appreciate if you would be able to help out through prayer and encouragement before, during, and after we take part on the mission.

Not only will I need prayer and encouragement while taking part in this mission, but financially I am tying to raise a total of $2800, I must raise at least $1200 by the middle of December and the rest must be raised by February 1. All donations will go towards expenses for our mission. If I raise more than the required amount we will incorporate it into our construction project and helping out in other ways around the home such as buying paint for the house when we were not originally going to do so. If you are able to donate to help me reach my goal I would appreciate that so much, weather it be $5 or $500, any donation matters and I will appreciate what ever you are able to donate.


You can donate online easily and safely through CanadaHelps!

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You can donate easily and safely online through the YFC website: www.yfcsask.com or by clicking on the link provided. Donating online greatly reduces administration time and money, and you will instantly get your tax receipt. If you would prefer to write a cheque you can make it out to Youth For Christ and mail it to 1338 Ave B North Saskatoon, SK S7L 1G5. You will then recieve your tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year. Tax-deductible receipts can be given out on donations that are $20 or greater.

Thank you so much for coming alongside this wonderful opportunity with me. Like I said earlier, I will not be able to partake in this mission alone, my community is such a big part of this trip and I am beyond grateful for any help and support you are able to contribute. I cannot wait to go to Belize and I hope to grow in many ways from this experience and from the people and work I do there. If you have any questions about the mission feel free to call me at (306) 229-9578.


Holly Hryhoruk