Gil Klassen
Executive Director

Gil is a real Saskatchewan homeboy - born in Melfort, lived in Caronport, Saskatoon and now in Dalmeny. He married his lovely wife Alison in 1988 and they have four kids; Kurt, Mollie, Samuel & Elliott. They all love sports and the outdoors. The family loves summer camp, and they have not missed one summer yet at camp.

Gil is affectionately known as the 'Master Blaster' since he has been at YFC the longest, and developed the popular Gym Blast program.

Alison has always been along side, helping in clubs, trips, with music and many other ways. He is often heard to say, "that's nothing, back when..." and "SHOOT!" In 1988 He started YFC ministry on high school campuses, and when all others left him, he took over control of YFC and now rules with an iron fist!

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